As First Reported By Premium, Shawn Michaels To Referee The Undertaker vs. Triple H At Wrestlemania XXVIII

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Shawn Michaels was officially announced as the guest referee for The Undertaker vs. Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania XXVIII. first broke that Shawn Michaels would be the special guest referee in The Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania here on Premium on January 9, 2012. If you are not yet a WNW Premium Member you can sign-up now at this link.

  • jim


  • Carter Killion

    Oooooooooooooooh Yah!

  • Jim P

    (Different Jim) I love HBK as much as the next guy, but I honestly feel like having him, or anybody for that matter, as a guest-ref, waters-down the match.

    • WyFo

      Same here. It seems kinda obvious that somebody *Cough*HHH*cough* is getting screwed at WrestleMania.

      • enrique

        why would undertaker need hbk help? undertaker allready won 2 wrestlemainas over hhh.

  • sami

    I have two opinions on this but cannot decide which one!

    1.) It ll be fantastic to have HBK involved at wrestlemania! The hell in a cell match has just got a lot bigger! 🙂


    2.) Will HBK as the special guest referee be more biast towards his best friend Triple H winning? I only say this because if you go through the track record of the obsession of HBK vs Taker at wrestlemania it started from WM25 until now….

  • Patrick_Peralta

    who cares

  • vmagic

    You never reported anything as fact until now, back then you said it was only a possibility and not confirmed.

  • JobberDan

    Hbk to screw hhh and face him at next years WM!

  • Logan_Walker

    Right Over 4 Weeks Ago I Called That Shawn Micheals Would Be The Guest Ref

    "4 weeks ago @ – Shawn Michaels Adverti… · 3 replies · +8 points
    Could This Be The Start To Taker Vs HHH W/ Shawn As Guest Ref ? Im Calling It"

    I Dont Have No Prem Membership i would want one but im under 18 so Paypal wont let me