Sheamus A Top Talent, Hulk Hogan Back To WWE?, Lesnar Returning To Lose, RawActive Polls Staged?

There has been a lot of talk about who the top two guys in WWE are (John Cena, CM Punk and Randy Orton) but what about a guy like Sheamus who has been carrying Smackdown (Successfully), is all-around talented, no backstage heat or other previous incidents and appears as if he will be in WWE for the long run?

Sheamus is a main event talent in WWE and has proved he can work both as a heel and a babyface. He is in a great position moving forward but he's not yet seen as "the guy" or even one of the guys at this point. We can talk a lot about what makes John Cena and CM Punk the two top guys but the main factor is how much money they make the company.

Do you ever see Hulk Hogan ever returning to WWE to finish his career? In my opinion him and Vince McMahon are the ones that made WWE what it is today.

I see Hulk Hogan as one of the most influential figures in pro wrestling as I look at him as the Michael Jordan of the business, where he took pro wrestling to a place no one else could. As for a WWE return, at this stage in his career, I have a hard time believing he'd be able to wrestle in an effective capacity due to his back problems. Obviously I'm not going to say "never" because it's Hogan, however, his in-ring career is all but over. He currently has a good deal with TNA where he's in a limited role as an executive but being paid well.

Did Brock Lesnar come back to lose because so far he has no victories?

Brock Lesnar came back for $5,000,000. He'll do whatever WWE wants him to do as long as he collects his paycheck. It was a monumental mistake putting him under to John Cena at Extreme Rules, with even Hunter admitting privately it hurt his SummerSlam match. I will go as far as saying Cena over Lesnar at Extreme Rules was one of the worst mistakes in WWE . They had a ton of momentum with a returning Lesnar and crushed it almost immediately with a loss.

Is it just me or is it pretty obvious what the intended outcome of the Twitter polls as part of RawActive are?

Whether or not WWE legitimately counts all the votes cast for the Twitter polls, they are staged in that the company has a good idea as to how fans are going to "vote." It reminds me of the now defunct Cyber Sunday pay-per-view where fan voting was legitimate but WWE had a very good idea how fans were going to vote.

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  • Juan D

    Of course the twitter polls are set up. Im sure everything needs to be rehearsed before the show starts and even the wrestling matches need to be scripted out before hand so the wrestler will know all the moves to execute.

    • Ken

      I see where you're going, but you have to take into account that the average match in WWE these days follows the same punch, punch, kick, clothesline, punch, kick, out of the ring while the adverts are on, back in the ring, punch, turnbuckle, signature move, signature move, finisher format.
      The WWE limits its talent so much that it doesn't matter who fights who. They're not allowed to vary things any more.

    • bob eatagirl

      You must really not know how matches work if you still think there 100% scrpted before the match…

    • you are half right, Ive been a worker for 14 years and they guys work out the matches in the back and even call spots in the ring. Also prior to Raw the people are paired up and work house shows so that when Raw comes they can work their matches without calling anything in the ring, but if you know what to look for you can see them calling spots.

  • Rob

    I was at Taboo Tuesday, the original inter active PPV. It was pretty obvious then to make the crowd happy and be successful.

  • Stephen

    I hope Hogan stays with TNA and stay away from WWE. Yes he's a legend but his ego is way too big. Everything is about him and his ''Inner Circle''. Sorry but Hulk as a character and his actuall personality has pushed me away from liking him.

  • Ryder

    I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but I find Sheamus very boring

    • Chopper

      I can see where you are coming from but i do like sheamus for me i dont know if it is him that bores me or the feud with ADR lets see how it goes after SS

    • Im pretty sure anyone who is not a kid feels the same way…

  • Zack

    Am I the only one who is really over the whole "social media" kick? I don't want to vote on twitter, see some random dude from Idaho on Tout, or care how many people "like" Raw on Facebook. Seriously if WWE focused half as hard on developing the mid-carders as they do on social media success then maybe Zack Ryder would still be United States Champion.

    • Ken

      AMEN brother. I really couldn't care less about Joe Schobb from Hicksville, Tennessee's opinions about whatever he's ramblng on about. He's not part of a storyline, he's not part of the action. As the saying goes, he ain't part or the solution so he's part of the problem.
      Likewise the announcements about how many followers they have on Twatter or who has the most Farcefook friends or how many DVDs they sold recently.
      I couldn't give a monkey's about being a star (which thankfully seems to have been absent this week).
      I couldn't possibly care less about Mizark Henry at the Olympics.
      I don't want to watch a five to ten minute review of what happened last week, because I was watching last week, and I have a memory longer than that of a root vegetable.
      I couldn't give a monkey's about being a… oh, wait…

      Point is, while this week's Raw was a better effort at a three hour show than the others, there's still a lot of room for improvement, and a lot of time that could be spent on promoting mid-card talent. The mid-card of today is potentially the upper echelon of tomorrow, after all.

  • RobUK

    I have no love or hate for Sheamus, Which is the problem really. I think he’s a good wrestler doing a solid job but I don’t ever see him as being WWE’s ‘the guy’ or even top two.
    As for Hogan – he’s the Babe Ruth of wrestling and I’ll always be a hulkamainiac. But like a lot of older wrestlers in TNA I think there just tarnishing there legacy. Hogan should have stopped years ago or just moved completely backstage.


    I know Im going off topic with this post, but I just had to get it off my chest. But Richard, did you notice how boring some points of lastnights RAW was? The Piper’s pit segment should never happen again, as clearly Piper is out of his mind with whatever he say’s. Piper and Jericho was really corny, and hope I never get to watch anything like that again on Monday nights on RAW. THe lead up to the Brock Lesnar assault on Shawn Michaels, starting from the contract signing, was so horrible. I think, as a fan, you can tell, that the writers are just winging it at this point in the 3 hours. 2 matches with CM Punk, it was alright though.

    • The Dude

      I disagree. I thought both of those segments were very entertaining.

  • Eric

    They need to start pushing Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, Tyson Kidd, Michael Mcguil-However you spell it-icutty, and Drew Mcintyre to replace the boring parts of Raw.

    Bring in a reinvented version of the cruiserweight championship and call it the freestyle championship. And have guys like primo, epico, evan bourne, sin cara, tyson kidd, kofi kingston, justin gabriel and even daniel bryan compete for it

  • Braxton

    Not nessecarily set up, just obvious. We know either Ziggler or Jericho were going to be picked, but it really didn't matter because they all came out anyway. It's just a way to make the crowd feel involved.

    • James M>>>

      Exactly. It’s like when they have the crowd pick the match stipulation and it’s 1) best 2 out of 3 falls 2) falls count anywhere or 3) STEEL CAGE FIRST BLOOD FIRST BORN IRON MAN match!!!!! Yeah, then you have Jerry the king saying “woohoo, I’m voting for number 3!!!!”

  • Gary

    So Hunter admits that having Lesnar lose to Cena was a mistake, which is was. Does he make up for it and allow Lesnar to beat him at Summerslam? I bet not. Lesnar has wrestled one match since his return and, to me, he's alreayd a joke. He's a big name jobber who will go out there and lose to Cena, Hunter, Punk, Taker, Rock etc etc it was an almost pointless signing and once again horrible creative decision by unqualified CREATIVE WRITERS.

  • The arbiter

    I must be one of the few who thought the Lesnar vs Cena swerve was great. In no way did it make Lesnar look weak to me, it made him look over confident and arrogant, so cocky he woudl win he didnt have to try. Then Cena burgled the win, he didnt beat the man down and bury him, he snuck the win in a way that made Lesnar look like the dominant athelete who just got too full of himself.

    What made Lesnar look weak was HHH dominate him during his charge in a few weeks back. That made Lesnar look weak as a kitten as he coudln't take down HHH in a stand up fight

    • Gary

      will Lesnar look weak when he loses to HHH this Sunday? B/c he most definitely will.

  • Kevin

    It was made obvious on Monday Night Raw that the Twitter polls are staged when, even though the fans picked Y2J as the overwhelming choice for guest on Piper's Pit, ALL 3 choices ended up on the show. I've said it before: The WWE executives know their fans, and so fashion the polls in a way that allows them to be nearly 100% certain of the outcome. They don't allow us to choose whomever we wish; they give us 3 to choose from. By limiting our choices, they essentially pull an old magician's trick of forcing us to choose what they want us to choose while making it appear we are choosing at random according to our own will. It's all smoke and mirrors.

  • thebops

    The first poll was the biggest joke, in my opinion. We had to choose between a No Holds Barred, a Falls Count Anywhere, and a Street Fight. Can you explain to me what the difference is between the three?