Sheamus Caps Off Controversial Week With Message To "Dirt Sheet Heroes"

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Ready! Aim! Fire! Sheamus Tweeted the following:

For good measure, he Re-Tweeted this gem:

It's been quite the week for the new WWE United States Champion. Wrestling News World reader Al Figueroa caught him sleeping at the expert panel table during Extreme Rules on Sunday, a claim he later denied.

On Wednesday, a report attributed to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer publication claimed Sheamus got into a physical altercation with Sin Cara backstage at TV in New York. This was a claim Sheamus also denied.

Richard Reacts: *slow clap* turn him, turn him!

  • Mike McCarthy


  • Bob’s Diner

    Yup that heel turn is pretty obvious now, isn’t it?
    New member of Evolution, maybe?

    • David F

      Especially since Bootista is going to take time off for his movie at some point this summer and tensions between him and WWE

      • Bob’s Diner

        Yeah I heard he isn’t very happy. No surprise considering he was pretty vocal about how unhappy he was when he left – not like anything changed in the 4 years he was gone. I wouldn’t say his comeback was a failure or a waste of time because I think the Royal Rumble was a hugely important moment in time for the WWE. But I do hope he doesn’t come back.

    • I’ve been calling for Sheamus to be part of Evo since Evo reformed.

      • Bob’s Diner

        As soon as HHH posted that pic of him smiling at Sheamus winning the US title, I was thinking it was a good idea. And now that he seems to be playing up the idea they are friends backstage as well it makes great sense. I’d welcome a Sheamus feud with anyone from The Shield

    • opie

      I totally expected Roman Reigns to be turned at Extreme Rules

      • Bob’s Diner

        Were you thinking he might join Evolution?

        • opie

          Seems like a logical conclusion to the Evolution/Shield program, especially with Batista supposedly taking time off to promote his movie. Somebody has to be the future, right?

  • Vic Jose

    Clearly sounds like something did happen.

  • Michael

    I read that workout buddy line on the comments section here lol.

    • Dave Barton
      • Bob’s Diner

        Is Sheamus calling you out? Is he going to start doing a Ryback and troll Richard on twitter next?

        • Dave Barton

          Well, I see it one of two ways with him addressing my comment. Either he’s using anything & everything to begin a heel turn, or he’s legitimately trying to dismiss the truth. I think its probably a little of both.

          I mean, he did get pushed extremely fast into becoming WWE champ over John Cena, he put HHH into semi-retirement as a wrestler, he won the Royal Rumble when no one else was really super-hot enough to win it that year, he squashed Daniel Bryan for the World title, and now with no build whatsoever he was given the US title.

          Call me out, will ya Fella? I know my facts, and they seem to add up to something more than just plain coincidence. Watch for Sheamus to possibly become the next member of Evolution…I don’t claim to have insider information, but the pattern that’s been played for the last 5 years suggests its a matter of time before the HHH/Sheamus relationship is used on tv.

          • David F

            So I guess you can add Sheamus to list of WWE superstars who check out WNW.

      • Michael

        Call him out like Clubber Lang did to Rocky in Rocky III. Call him a chump lol. I have your back.

  • Barrett, Paige, Neville thats 3

  • Kevin Taylor

    Slow clap…LOL

  • Christen

    I laughed at the people who thought he was British i mean really come on. Yes part of Ireland is owned by the UK that is Northern Ireland. Sheamus is from Dublin Ireland Dublin is the capital city of Republic of Ireland. Which means Sheamus is IRISH not BRITISH because he is from Dublin! Those who thought otherwise never paid attention in school

  • Kleck

    He’s a dirt sheet hero, got stars in his eyes