Sheamus Cleared By Doctor & Set To Appear On Raw; Watch Big Show's Return Vignette

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Sheamus Cleared To Compete

Following an injury at WWE Money in the Bank, Sheamus posted the following update on his Twitter account:

Big Show Vignette

WWE has uploaded a vignette for The Big Show's return this Monday on Raw. The vignette is available at this link or embedded below:

  • frenchfry

    god i hope thats not his new theme…

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Maybe I am the only one, but I would love to have Show return as a face. Sure, some people may not like him to be comedic, but I find he works best with a bit of humor. Maybe I just love his big smile. It brightens my day when I see it!

    • Archer

      Same. I cheer for him regardless but as a face it would make more sense.

  • sdunne87

    One Finger and a Fist…. Is Big Show returning or dating my ex Girlfriend?

  • Maryann Hoitink

    The Wyatts could all target Big Show or the Schield

    • Valerie Hiltz

      Target the Shield, they need some up and comings because they think they rule WWE, hate the Shield!!

  • John Williams J-Dub

    the show vs ryback…i just want to see a big feud that doesnt involve cena being a main part….the feud being the top action