Sheamus Comments On Reported Backstage Altercation

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Sheamus wrote the following on Twitter:

The comments are in response to a reported physical altercation between Sheamus and Sin Cara at this week's WWE TV tapings in New York. None of our sources were able to independently confirm the report and WWE's public relations department did not respond when reached for comment.

  • alexis

    Was it sin Cara(hunico)? Or sin Cara(Luis Ignacio)

    • The Original one hasn’t been with WWE in months and this Supposively happened at the TV Taping on tuesday.

      • Mysterion


        • Frank Rizzo

          supposedly*. It should not be capitalized in the middle of the sentence.

          • Mysterion

            TouchΓ©. πŸ˜‰

    • Bob’s Diner

      Misticara has been in Mexico since about January and has been wrestling all over Mexico for the last 2 weeks… probably not him

  • Yuppyies

    ‘s just how Mexicans & we Irishmen hug it out fella πŸ˜‰ but the Mexicans and Irish hate each other.

    • Win

      Now that is a generalization if I ever heard one. Lol! None of them like each other, I guess.

      • Mysterion

        To be fair sake could be said here in England. How much the Irish hate us English. Or the Scottish hate us English. Or the Welsh hate us English. Or the English hate us English. Very unlikeable nation.

        • pauluk

          That’s true us English like to greet each other with a slap round the face and kick in the balls.

          • Mysterion


        • MrBeetroot
          • Mysterion

            I don’t watch Simpsons as a side effect of being a grown up.

          • MrBeetroot

            eerily similiar. πŸ™‚

      • Yuppyies

        We all talk in generalisations its shorter than making a more detailed response all I’m saying is I have found a lot of Irish-Americans (not all for your benefit) to hate Mexicans for immigration as they take over Irish areas in LA etc and our pretty racist (once again not all) and this leads to conflict between the two sides (not all) in prison as well the Mexican gangs are at war with the Irish Aryan Brotherhood. Is that detailed but not generalized enough?

        • Win


  • Hunico

    I think Sheamus is starting to have an ego problem.

  • Lebron James

    So Sin Cara and Yoshi Tatsu have beaten Sheamus up. Must not be to tough of a fella.

  • Kleck

    So when Sheamus turns heel, he lives his character lol.