Sheamus Didn't Care About Backstage Critics, Comments On Traveling With Daniel Bryan

While doing media to promote this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in St. Louis, Sheamus opened up about backstage resentment towards him when he first won the WWE Championship in 2009.

When asked about his critics after beating John Cena for the title, Sheamus stated explicitly that he "didn't give a damn" and wasn't there to make friends but be successful.

Sheamus said traveling with Daniel Bryan and William Regal when Bryan was "doing the vegan thing" was the worst ever. He said Vince McMahon is quiet, focused and always been cool with him.

You can watch the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Patrick

    Traveling with Regal , Sheamus could learn a lot from him or should have.

  • Good News Barrett!

    I have a feeling Sheamus will turn heel soon

    • Mysterion

      I got that vibe. Sheamus is notorious for staying in character as often as he can so, to me, this was a kind of test the waters interview.

  • Tomas

    Just once I’d like to hear one of these interviewers talk about something interesting “Sheamus, we got Yoshi Tatsu in the other room, let’s get him in here and talk about the time he beat your ass.”