Sheamus Explains Why He Isn't On Twitter; What He Did For A Living Before WWE

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Sheamus did an interview with Gizmodo while in Sydney, Australia last week. Below is an excerpt:

“My stance on Twitter right now is this. I understand how valuable a tool it is, it’s great and all. But to me, when I was growing up with WWE superstars, you didn’t have the instant access to them the way that people have to our superstars — or anyone in the pop culture environment now.

It just seems that there’s too much direct access, so the mystique is gone. It just feels like that mystique isn’t there any more.”

People like The Rock, or Triple H, or Stone Cold, they made their name in the ring, in what they did on television, and that’s what I want to be remembered for.

I don’t want to be remembered for some tweet I said. It could be a comment about something, or “I’m off to eat a banana sandwich right now” or “I just bought a new pair of socks“. I just feel there has to be a little bit of a break away from the ring; I want to be remembered for what I do on WWE television in the ring, at Wrestlemania or The Royal Rumble.

I think me not having Twitter, creates a bit of mystique about me, and I think that’s a good thing, especially when everybody else has it and I don’t. I feel that separates me from everyone else.

I understand the value of Twitter; everybody’s on Twitter now and I understand that. Things could change, and there may be a time where I have to go and get a Twitter account.”

"I used to work for Symantec AV; I worked as their in-house IT technician, and then I worked as specialised AV support, and then I worked for Hartford life IT, in Dublin and London. I worked in IT from ’99 through to 2007.”

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  • Scotty

    I respect Sheamus for not getting caught up in the Twitter world. Here’s a guy who marches to the beat of his own drum! He wants to be old school and because of that he will have a lot of the old school wrestlers and fans behind him. I’m one of them but not just because of this, he won me over because of how well he was able to adapt with being on top, being at the bottom, being a heel and a babyface, here’s a guy who can do it all! Very proud of Sheamus!

  • mathew30

    I never would have guessed he was an IT guy

    • Nameless one

      Yeah me neither which I also think is awesome though cause I’m working dowager getting into IT.

      • Nameless one

        I don’t know how it happened but i typed on and it changed it to dowager

  • Swanson

    Thinking about him as an IT guy is awesome.

    • Razmos01

      Erm this sounds abit strange!!!

  • Jeff Ono

    The narcissism of Twitter is so palpable, especially with athletes and entertainers. All of us should try not to latch on so tightly to our favorite stars. It would give them a healthy dose of humility and allow everyone to put this stuff into proper perspective. Sheamus is right … the social media overload only detracts from the more important storyline in wrestling. Yes, you can add to it by using Twitter (e.g. Cena-Rock). But if you're storyline is not enough without Twitter, it will never be enough WITH it. Build substance the old fashioned way.

  • buckeyewriter23

    I completely understand what Sheamus is saying. Personally, I'm an advocate for Twitter. I agree with Jeff that we should try not to latch on to our favorite stars, but Twitter has other purposes. As a journalist, I use it for free promotion in the same way that WNW does. It's also where I find out about breaking news, like the deaths of Michael Jackson, Bin Laden and Steve Jobs. All that said, I still love what Sheamus is doing. He's always been an old school guy, it's one of the reasons Triple H grew to be fond of him. He's right about guys loosing their mystique, and it's ok to be different. He'll probably join Twitter someday, but as Jeff said, it never hurts to build substance the old fashioned way.

  • Dojo

    Totally agree with the reasoning for not using twitter…….. It does take away from any mystique a person has & Sheamus is an IT guy so he is not a technophobe lol I just wish Sheamus would develop a new finishing move 😉

    • aGirl

      He just did, I believe they called it 'white noise' or something like that

  • Michelle

    Its good to still have some mystery around the wwe, today everything is so pg I think we need to go back to the days of hardcore champions and dynamic tag teams the attitude era has to return #wweisinmyblood

  • WNW Fan

    Wonder if he ever helps the WWE or any of his co-workers with any IT issues. A real in house tech. LOL