Sheamus Now On Twitter, Dean Ambrose Works Another WWE Dark Match, John Laurinaitis' "Takeover"

- Less than a month ago World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus explained why he wasn't on Twitter, citing too much access to superstars. Today, he has opened a Twitter account at To be fair, he did say there may be a time he would have to go out and get a Twitter account.

- Dean Ambrose, formerly Jon Moxley, worked a dark match prior to tonight's WWE Raw Supershow taping form American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Ambrose beat JTG.

- To keep up with storylines, John Laurinaitis has "taken over" the @GMSmackDown Twitter account.

  • Bob

    I would call him a hypocrite if he wasn’t WHC.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well I when i seen this post that is what i was thinking but Maybe just maybe WWE Told him to do it becuase he now a World Title Holder ?

    • kbunyon

      I was thinking the same thing. Twitter is a great place to push storylines these days, so it makes sense that the WWE nudged him to open an account. I'm willing to bet that account will be almost total kayfabe.


      • Logan_Walker

        Yeh i Dont See Him doing any Other Work on it Just Storyline pushing

  • Anon

    Nobody here is interested in Dean Ambrose?
    He's the future of WWE if they don't mess up his current character.