Sheamus Shows Off World Heavyweight Championship In Orlando Media Appearance

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World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus was on FOX Orlando to show off his title win at Wrestlemania XXVIII. You can watch video of the appearance embedded in the video below:

  • ayat

    not at all interested in watching this video
    such a disgrace for himself n daniel bryan n the whole smackdown roster n obviously the whole wwe
    any 1 who wants daniel bryan 2 be world champion again ??!!
    YES ! YES ! YES ! YES !

    • aGirl

      I'm not happy with the way WHC match was played either, that was a huge disappointment, but you can't blame the guys for doing their job. I think it's a good opportunity for Sheamus' heel turn

  • Jimmy

    You all think your so funny with your yes yes yes, it’s getting a bit boring now seeing it on the comments for every article, the problem with the so called IWC is everyone seems to be so short sighted and can’t see that it might be something for the long run.

    • mr shwo

      you cant justify a world title squash at mania regardless of who it is its inexcusable

  • Andrew

    Lol Shemus and his flat caps

  • Matt

    Yeah man I agree this whole ‘Yes Yes Yes’ stuff is getting annoying!

  • ptekin

    D bryan is the worst champion i rather see kahli as champion then him not that im kahli fan lol