Sheamus Wants To Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania; Discusses Mattel Taking Longer To Produce His Action Figure

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The Fayetteville Observer has a new Q&A online with World Heavyweight Champion to promote the Smackdown taping in the city later this month. Below is an excerpt:

Weekender: If you could face anyone right now in a world title match, other than Big Show, who would it be?

Sheamus: The Undertaker. I'd like to try and defeat him in a Wrestlemania event. That would be record-breaking for me.

Weekender: It's said that toy manufacturer Mattel took longer to make your action figure because they had to make a special shade of white to authentically represent you. What's up with that?

Sheamus: Yeah, that was funny. I was waiting the longest time to get my action figure - I used to love those when I was growing. The color they had to come up with is called "Sheamus White." It's a bit weird and surreal to see yourself as an action figure.

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety.

  • SRP

    Ha. You know you’ve made it when you have a shade named after you.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Taker v shaemus would be huge, but shaemus has to get by the big show first.

  • Satan

    Taker > Sheamus

    • bruno

      Thats like saying 2>1. Of course

  • buddah5050

    Sheamus sucks!!! And needs a tan!!!

    • Nick b


    • Patrick Peralta

      Sheamus is great and is fine as he is. Undertaker Vs Sheamus would be great at Wrestlemania

    • unknown

      he is irish not from jersey shore, he dont need a tan

  • izblack

    Eww, Taker/Sheamus doesn’t interest me at all. I feel Taker has two matches left and they should be against Lesnar at WM29 and Cena at WM30

  • Tomas

    Let's be honest. I like Sheamus, but the truth is that Face Sheamus blows goats. He does. He's boring and no matter how much I've tried I haven't been able to care about a single thing he's done since he won the title this time around. He's trying to pull HHH style shenanigans while maintaining a squeaky clean image and instead he comes off looking like an utterly brainless tool.

    Heel Sheamus on the other hand was freaking Awesome.

  • Matt

    If Sheamus walked out one day with a tan or even sunburnt, I'd be so scared

  • _JIM_

    Of course he wants to face The Undertaker at Mania. Who doesn’t want to be in the biggest match on the biggest show of the year. The huge payday wouldn’t have anything to do with him wanting this match…Sarcasm. If you don’t want to face the best and be in the biggest match then you are in the wrong business.

  • Sheamus white AKA ginger white.