Shelton Benjamin Kills WWE Return Rumors

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Shelton Benjamin wrote on Twitter that no one from WWE has contacted him about returning. Below is his Tweet:

MVP denied rumors earlier this week.

  • Wwe4L76

    He would be a huge lift for a really bad WWE


    Damn shame too, I really like the gold standard

  • Nostaljack

    He is tremendous in the ring – no question. His main issue was his mic work. That was always uniformly awful. That's likely what did him in. ROH is perfect for him because their programming relies far less on that than WWE's does. He's an amazing worker and I'm sure he's exactly where he belongs.

  • Miles

    Yup bring him back

  • izblack

    I personally would love too see Benjamin back in the WWE, same goes for MVP(who I feel the E didn’t use right) but in not quite sure where they would fit in. I don’t want too see them comeback if they won’t get pushed.

  • He should return to continue his feud with Yoshi. It would benefit both of them.

  • Jimmy

    Shelton, MVP, John Morrisson, Chris Masters, Kaval, Helms, Lashley, Batista, Goldberg. If these guys come back then i will start watching WWE again

    • Bad Boy

      If even one of them return I’ll start watching wwe and not just raw but smack down too

  • Chris Kandrat

    Seriously WWE never contacted him? What a loss for the company. Great wrestler, and a company thats been slowly losing its touch, Benjamin would put a bit of interest back, WWE's loss.