The Shield Beat Evolution At Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins Has Spot Of The Year

The Shield beat Evolution in a 6-man Tag Team Match at Extreme Rules on Sunday. The finish came when Roman Reigns speared Batista in the ring to get the pinfall victory.

The match was all over the building, with insane spots. Notably, Dean Ambrose launched over both announce tables on top of Triple H and Randy Orton. Later in the bout, Seth Rollins jumped out of the stands onto Hunter and Orton, who were a floor below on the concourse. For as good as the former was, the latter was probably the spot of the year. The replay showed how far Rollins jumped and it was as insane as some of the stuff Jeff Hardy used to do.

Below are my Tweets:

  • Harlie Boucher

    Great match to watch.

  • Yaz

    Why do you always like to compare Rollins to hardy. To me they aren’t the same type of wrestle at all. Jeff is just a spot monkey. Who with out all the flashy high risk moves doesn’t have much to back it up. But Rollins is by far way more Technical. To me he’s more of a cm punk type wrestler then Jeff hardy.

    • George

      I say Seth Rollins is more of a SETH ROLLINS type wrestler. He’s not Hardy, he’s not Punk but his own man and wrestler

    • ryan25

      hardy put his body on the line countless times to put on some of the most daring and spectacular spots of all time, he wasnt the most technical wrestler but he was far above average in the ring whether it was mat wrestling or high flying, on top of that he could sell better than almost everyone on the current roster, your ignorant to say otherwise.

      • Mysterion

        So, as he said, he was a spot monkey.

        • ryan25

          He said hwith out his high risk moves he has nothing to back it up, which i disputed, he was alot more than a spot monkey

    • Danny_Boy

      Rollins is 10x better then CM Punk ever was.