The Shield Implodes, Seth Rollins Joins Evolution, Legitimate Details On Why It Was Done

The major storyline update coming out of this week's Monday Night Raw is The Shield breaking up and Seth Rollins joining Evolution in a swerve. You can watch the angle at this link or embedded in the video below:

Roman Reigns Tweeted the following:

WWE Tweeted the following:

The reason for the big swerve is that Vince McMahon felt they needed a great summer angle and that shows were "lacking an edge." I was told Monday afternoon that Vince wanted to do something strong and this is exactly that.

  • kyleferretti

    If he wanted to do something strong he could turn Cena heel. Breaking up, what i think, is the best 3 man team the WWE has seen in years is ridiculous. It will DEFINITELY be interesting, I can’t deny that. I just don’t understand why you break up one of the stronger things you have going instead of trying to elevate another area.

    • Chris

      He wanted strong, not stupid. Why would flushing merchandise sales down the toilet for the summer help wwe?

      • AlaminoCasino

        Yeah, I mean, Hogan struggled selling those nWo shirts. Might as well just shut WWE down after Cena retires because he merch sells are the greatest thing (even better than the creation of the company) ever to happen to the company. If his merch sells are that important, screw matches, just send him out there Home Shopping Network style and let everybody else go somewhere and finally have a wrestling company again.

        • Jay El Bee

          And without Nash & Hall Hogan wouldn’t have sold any NWO shirts. It was the Outsiders that made the NWO popular not Hogan.

    • Chris

      Cena will not turn heel until his merchandise sales drop off, get over it. Also, The Shield had to split, why not now versus in three weeks? Would a third match with Evolution be THAT spectacular?

    • Skip Mathias

      I agree completely. All of this time, we’ve been asking who could go against The Authority in the story line. That Triple H, The Authority and Evolution were too over powered. The Shield was beginning to provide a balance within the WWE with them going 2-0 over Hunter. Why would you then do this?

    • Trapdoor

      I believe even Cena has been known to want to change, but while he not only brings in the merchandise sales from all the kids & a lot of female fans, the BIGGEST reason he won’t be turned heel is due to all the charity work/troop support he does. They simply cannot have a guy who does that much good in the real world become a “bad” guy. The most we can hope for is his feud/time against Brey takes him to a darker place/anti-hero/middle ground area.

  • Donnie Stuart

    now batista should come and join the shield or big show

  • Patrick

    I didn’t care for Vince’s idea to brake up the Shield. that was stupid.

  • K!NG

    I dont see why everyone is against this. The shield ran its course they had no one left to go against after evolution.

  • Splat

    How is it any different for Seth? He just joined another faction and a weaker one at that…

  • Patrick

    They want to brake up the Shield fine but Rollins doesn’t need to join Evolution. have him go on his own as a singles wrestler… rotating a new member in to Evolution is stupid. that didn’t help the NWO or 4 Horsemen in the end. NWO got to big and watered down and the 4 Horsmen was not the same after Ole Anderson was kicked out of the original group.

  • David F

    I wonder if WWE will have young guy like Sami Zayn join Shield for one last PPV at MITB against Evolution. Then Ambrose and Reigns can go on to singles competition. I

  • Avalanchian

    Lots thought it was the mark of HHH. But instead it’s Vince.

  • Trapdoor

    Well that answers that: Vince wants; Vince gets. What is interesting is it was Rollins put in the spotlight, by the swerve, not Reigns – Considering how high up Vince was on Reigns a while back. Storywise: I call Shield’s long anti-Game plan/Double swaygent (to play The Game at his own game), here & now. o_O

  • GOR

    You want a big summer angle, Vince ? SHield vs Wyatts resume their feud n take it hell in a cell. Theres ur big angle.

    Turning Seth Rollins who was so vocal against shield unlike other feuds was completely stupid n illogical. Yeah it was shocking but literally unbelievably shocking.