Shocking News Regarding The Contract Status Of A Top TNA Star - Details On Who It Is & How Their Contract Is Coming Up Very Soon; Why TNA Wants To Opt Out & Sign Them At A Lower Rate, Possibly Heading To WWE?

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I heard some interesting news regarding the contract status of Kurt Angle. While he signed a new three-year deal in September 2011 with TNA Wrestling, I'm told years two and three are TNA options. This means Angle's contract is coming up and my source says TNA is trying to get Angle to take a pay cut.

My source says TNA wants to opt out and sign Angle under a new deal at a lower rate. As a negotiating chip, Angle is threatening to return to WWE if they do not meet his demands. However, I'm told WWE has very little interest in Angle and feel he brings more risk than he does reward.

It was mentioned to me that Angle is "strangely pretty tight" with Jeff Hardy, however, Hardy has no pull at all when it comes to TNA's purse strings.

At this point Angle isn't believed to be going anywhere, but he's trying extremely hard to make TNA think he'll return to WWE. I'm told they don't seem to be buying it but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • Kleck

    WWE has no interest at all? Even in a part time role?

    • n1ck

      yea I highly doubt that, were always hearing about how Wwe is lacking main event talent, I bet they’d take him in a heartbeat

    • J-Dub

      He's getting up there in age!

  • Josh

    Makes no sense to me that WWE would have no interest in one of their all time biggest stars – someone who is extremely over with the fans and who is one of the best technical wrestlers of all time. Can you imagine Angle vs Bryan or Punk right now? Would be huge for both WWE and Angle. Blessing in disguise.

  • Andrew Ace

    Yeah go back to WWE and do a angle lesnar rematch at mania

  • PainOfDemise

    He'll resign with TNA, he's jus playing hardball.

  • _JIM_

    I don’t get why WWE would have no interest in one of the best workers ever to lace up boots. Angle is a wrestling machine, and that’s not just some tag-line. Even at his age he could wrestle circles around anyone on WWE’s roster. Considering their interest in bringing in veteran names and their lack of talent at the top of their roster, I don’t see why they wouldn’t jump all over the opportunity to bring Angle back into the fold. Unless they have concerns about his physical well being or just how durable he can be at this point in his career. I for one am a HUGE Kurt Angle fan and would love to see him back in a WWE ring. It’d be nice if he could finish up his career working for the biggest wrestling company in the world. He deserves to go out on top, and IMO TNA asking him to take a pay cut at this point in his career is very insulting and highly disrespectful. After everything he has done for that company it seems classless and shows a total lack of respect and appreciation for a guy who pretty much put that company on the map. At a time when fans, advertisers, and television networks had absolutely zero interest in TNA Kurt signed on and brought instant legitimacy to their product completely because of his name recognition and talents in and out of the ring. As far as I’m concerned TNA owes Angle in a big way for changing them from a tiny independant promotion that only ran shows in Nashville into a legitimate wrestling promotion that now puts on shows world wide. I’m convinced that none of that would’ve ever happened for TNA without Kurt signing with them. They definitely should be treating him a whole heck of a lot better than what they are.

  • Patrick Peralta

    even if he does not go to WWE…He may just retire instead of signing a new deal at a lower rate….at the moment he doesn't seem to care TNA is trying to save money. he just wants what is on his current deal. if not more.

  • PhilT81

    Angle belongs in the WWE main event.

  • Alex Barie

    Wow, that is a very surprising story! I can clearly see why TNA wants him to take a pay cut as they want everyone to and he’s part time. If it really comes to terms that he would be on his way out, I may need to set up another interview to get the story, haha.

  • Jamie

    I think Angle should have at least one more run in the WWE..

  • lbp365

    Turn his two year option into a one year sure thing if the other company comes in keep him if not make him a gm and loose control to Jeff Jarrett