Show Bonuses, The Undertaker's Future, CM Punk Restoring Prestige To WWE Title, Orton As A Top Guy

I know about how people under performer's contracts in WWE get bonuses for being on TV shows. What happens if a worker is written off because of a storyline and they do not appear live but they show highlight clips with the worker getting "injured," or the announcers talk about them? Does that count as appearing on the show even though it was not new or do they have to physically appear in new footage to get their bonus? Technically they are still part of the show.

A worker gets paid a bonus when they appear. If a clip from a prior show is shown, it's not a new appearance. There is also no compensation for a worker being mentioned or talked about but only if they appear. If a worker is injured, they are able to continue to pay their bills by collecting their downside guarantee. The only time a downside stops is in the case of a suspension.

What is the current status on the Undertaker? Will he work before WrestleMania XXIX, or is there any idea on who he will face at the event?

After Wrestlemania XXVIII this year the word was Undertaker felt great and could possible work before Wrestlemania XXIX next year, however, as we get closer to the show, it doesn't look like they'll need him. It's likely Brock Lesnar works Survivor Series and The Rock is already confirmed for Royal Rumble so I do not see the logic in using him from now until Wrestlemania. With that being said it's widely expected he will work Wrestlemania and as for his opponent, check out our Wrestlemania news updates at this link.

Do you think CM Punk is bringing a much needed prestige back to the WWE Championship?

I absolutely think CM Punk's 320-day and counting reign as WWE Champion has helped restore prestige to the WWE Championship. Abbreviated title reigns make belts nothing more than props and kill the importance of title matches and possible title changes. Some readers are souring on Punk as a lengthy champion but that further plays into WWE's hand because Punk is now a heel. Long title reigns are better for everyone and I've been pleased with the reign of Punk.

Is Randy Orton still seen as a top guy in WWE? How would you book him in his return from "injury"?

After a lot of back-and-forth and what turned out to be empty threats following his second documented WWE Wellness Policy violation, Randy Orton is once again a top guy in WWE. Not only that but he is away filming a starring role in another WWE Studios production. As for how I would book Randy in his return, he has to avenge the beat down from Del Rio so by default he is babyface. I prefer Orton as a heel but returning as a heel only makes sense unless they quietly forget about what wrote him off television.

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  • Chris

    Richard, and others, I really have to ask why people put so much thought into titles/title reigns?

    I know Richard is smart enough to know wrestling is nothing more than entertainment and that outside of accidents it's all completely scripted but why do people look at something like titles/title reigns (example) as something to "read into"? It is, and always has been, a prop. It's not like CM Punk "beat" some other athlete for his "title" and "won" it.

    I don't know, maybe I'm getting too old for wrestling but I really think people look at wrestling as something it's not, and never was more than, and that's… scripted entertainment.

    • kevin

      Yeah you are way to old.

    • proud

      Because that’s the sport in sports entertainment. They don’t show win/loss records but they show title reigns. It’s the only way to show acheivement.
      What your saying sounds like they should have a decibel meter and when a performer enters it should show how loud their reaction is when they enter and that just sounds way too silly

    • SRP

      It’s called “Suspension of disbelief”. When you watch a movie or tv show, you don’t question why people put thought into the stories of the characters because you accept it for what it is. Entertainment.

    • that_one_guy

      They mean alot more than a prop imagine wrestling with no titles it would mean everybody is the same no matter how good they are their equal the belts separate the best the rest those belts mean alot to wrestlers and they truly do determine their legacy in wrestling biz

    • The title is earned. They wont put the title on anybody, only someone who can effectively carry it. So in reality, it does “mean” something.

  • Nick

    They’ve done that before Richard, a good example is Kane, he was written off tv following a beat down by Mark Henry, when he came back Henry was in the ring and who did he go after? John Cena! The reason was so lame that it just made the storyline worse. How about Chris Jericho? Before his last stint he was written off because of a Orton “punt” to the head. Then when he came back he was a babyface for a few weeks but never went after Orton for “revenge”. WWE has amnesia so I will not be surprised when Orton comes back he attacks Sheamus or something. So lame!


    I think the question was if they’d still get their bonus if it was a storyline injury

  • that_one_guy

    I really hope cm punk hold the title all the way to survivor series BEST IN THE WORLD

  • Steven

    Richard wouldn’t the next installment of ask wnw be on Oct. 8?

  • Ray

    Why can’t they book undertaker like Brock or The Rock? It would make perfect sence to build up his match before wrestlemania with him making minimal appearances. The bigger the build up the better the pay off rather making a pointless forgettable storyline 2 or 3 months before wrestlemania. And going “oh, Taker’s back a month before wrestlemania and is gonna win, yey” I can’t even remember who he fought 5 years ago.

  • yankess2401

    I love punk’s near 11 month title reign. It brings some prestige back to the title..I think 4 title changes are good..maybe through in a swerve here and there for Money in the Bank winners..its great

  • Evon Reese

    I don't get how Punk brought prestige to anything. He is old and boring and has been champ way to long and has lost fans because of it. All that crying and whining is an embarrassment . He thinks he could have made it In the attitude era? They didn't whine and cry. They would have ate his lunch.

    • kevin

      You would’ve never made it as a fan in the 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s. Backlund 6yrs, hogan 4yrs, savage 1yr, hogan 1yr. That’s when it was great not 18sec matches and 45sec reigns. Ok Andre the Giant 30sec reign but that was a one time thing and a major part of the storyline. Ziggler, Cena couldn’t lace any of there boots.

      • Evon Reese

        I was a fan in the 70's, 80's and 90's. that's why I hate all the whining and crying.

        • hurrigame

          Then, if you're such a "superfan", do us all a favor and follow your own advice: stop bitching about it and just enjoy the damn show. Sorry about the language, Richard, but guys like this really piss me off.

          • Evon Reese

            Why? Are you only allowed to voice your opinion if you are a Punk fan? You have no tolerance for others opinions? Guys like you really piss me off.

  • pgarrie

    from what they have done so far I would be really suprised to see punk lose the title to anyone but the rock at the rumble.. effectively setting up cena vs rock for the title at wrestlemania.. the way it was supposed to happen the first time! Somewhere in between the rumble and elimation chamber stone cold gets into it with punk somehow for their mania match. Anyone else see it going this way.

  • BigMike

    Orton is a natural heel but I persoally prefer him like the way Austin was when he first became face he was still a rulebreaker still didnt care but the crowd was into it and Orton can feed that similar style just like Punk can because if u noticed Punk is supposed to be top heel but he STILL gets a reaction like Cena which is mixed between cheers and boos and it has taken him MONTHS to even get to that point of getting heel heat