Signed Hulk Hogan Boot Returned To Hogan's Beach After TMZ Report

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The signed Hulk Hogan wrestling boot that was stolen from Hogan's Beach has been returned. is reporting the husband of one of the women involved pressed them to come clean. While the woman that lifted the boot had already returned home to Michigan, the boot was left in the car of one of the other women involved that lives in Tampa. She called Hogan's Beach, told them she had the boot and was willing to return it.

Police were waiting for her arrival as she brought back the stolen item. She wasn't arrested, however, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the Michigan woman.

You read read coverage by TMZ at this link.

The surveillance video of the theft is online at this link or embedded in the video below:

Richard Reacts: Watching that surveillance tape really annoys me.  What's wrong with people?

  • Ichard Ray

    Reading that “Richard Reacts” really annoys me. What’s wrong with these people?

  • Patrick

    I guess being on the nightly news was to much for her. so she returns the boot. LOL

  • Mysterion

    Something similar happened to me in jolly old York. We had Chris Jericho play a local venue with Fozzy and it just happened to be Chris’ birthday. After the show he came to a bar I frequent and signed a poster and hung out all night drinking bloody grey goose and water. The poster was then stolen by some dickwad who realised the error of his ways and eventually returned it.