Signing - Beth Phoenix

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I just returned from a signing with Beth Phoenix. The WWE is putting on a house show up here in Maine, Friday, June 15th, 7:30pm at the Augusta Civic Center. Because of that Beth Phoenix was booked for a signing earlier today. I was already in Augusta, so I headed over to the Armory to see how long the line was. It was very short, but it moved slow as Beth spent quality time talking to each and every person. She was signing, and taking pictures with people.

Highlights -

Beth is more beautiful in person than she's ever looked on TV. She's stunningly beautiful.

We discussed how the WWE cameras make everyone look bigger. I brought up how little Molly Holly was in person. That they pushed Molly Holly's big bum, but when she met her in person, she's tiny.

I brought up that she was born a little too late. She agreed and said she'd love to work with Trish, but her dream match is Lita. Both of them are still healthy, so hopefully she might get the chance. She also can't wait to work with Kharma – who is doing pretty well.

I asked who she'd like to work with for the guys. She said any, all, the Champ, Sheamus. She's very impressed with Sheamus' skills. She said that his accent is completely natural, and that his character is who he is. We shared a dreamy and drooly for Sheamus. We discussed how the best character are playing off who the person actually is. Though I have to say that she was terribly sweet with all he fans, not at all like her cold, hard character we see on TV.

I told her that I enjoy the straight side she plays to the comedy. She brought up Santino, but I said that this past week with Ricardo was great too. She said she likes playing the mean one to the comedy. She told me that Santino and Ricardo have a lot in common and that Ricardo is great in the ring. She hopes he has more time in the ring and is able to step out of the suit because he's really very good in the ring.

While I was lucky enough to get a picture of her, the sun was glaring, so it didn't come out great. I'm going to have my daughter work on it and see how she can clean it up. What really impressed me was that she was willing to take a picture with my service dog! If you're interested, they're up on my Facebook page, but remember, they're rough looking.

All in all, I can't imagine a better signing. Everyone was great, Beth was sweet, endearing, and stunning. She is the first Diva I've met and I'm completely blown away.


  • dusty588

    I think Beth is one of the most attractive Divas, she's not your typical blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, skinny girl, and I really, really hope her and Kharma have some great matches!

  • kevin

    I love Beth she is the hottest diva. Kendra my best friend trains service dogs if you don’t mind me asking I’m curious why do you have a service dog. That was awesome of Beth taking a picture.

    • kbunyon

      I have Crohn's Disease. I actually got Dragon as a pet, but about six months after I got him I went into a downward spiral. Dragon started doing strange things. He started being inconsolable, then stared at me and then my pill box. After a bit we put two and two together. Then things got stranger and he started doing things for me that just left us floored. So we got him in with a service dog trainer locally.

      So Dragon tells me when my pain is getting too bad, and won't leave me alone until I take my meds. He tells me when my blood pressure is crashing, and won't leave me alone until I sit down and it levels out. Also, Crohn's is about poop and he takes me to the loo well before I know I need to be there. Honestly, I don't know how he knows or what sets him off, but he's amazing. The biggest troubles I have is people look at Dragon who is 16lbs of little white silliness and don't understand how he's a service dog. I've had some issues with that, though the other day I wasn't the only one with a little white service dog. There was an older gentleman with a little floppy dog in a service vest as well – both dogs riding in the seats of our carts.

      Any other questions?