Sin Cara Injured At WWE Hell In A Cell

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Sin Cara was shaken up in his match with Rey Mysterio against The Prime Time Players at WWE Hell in a Cell. The injury occurred when Cara flipped over and tried to give Titus O'Neil a DDT. Cara botched it and landed on his head.

Trainers came out after the match and assessed Cara before he went to the back.

  • Ridiculous

    Smh poor Sin Cara and these botched moves

  • Daniel

    Hunico was still a better Sin Cara…

  • diddy

    This is what happens when you force a luchadore to conform to the wwe style of wrestling it seems these highflyers are not used to the slower more grounded pace the wwe prefers

  • Darren

    Can I just say that for once it actually wasn’t a sin cara botch if you watch it again you’ll see tittus has his arm around of Caras waist (instead of on his back) causing Caras head to get stuck under tittus’s armpit during the move preventing him from moving his head out of the way.

  • Bobbysteve

    uhm…pretty sure sin cara didnt botch that move. Titus O'Neil was giving him a suplex of some kind and held Sin Cara's for too long and dropped him right on it. They even showed the replay two or three times.

  • Shawn

    They should have waited on this guy and maybe put him in developmental this guy is not ready he botches every single time he’s out there If he wasn’t selling masks his ass would have been canned along time ago

  • Paul

    He is his own worse enemy.

  • Henry

    Oh my God!? Sin Cara botched a move?!?! UNHEARD OF!
    Hope it's not too serious and he's not out for ages like after Money in the Bank.

    • H.M.

      Actually the PPV where he seriously injured himself was at Survivor Series last year.

  • H.M.

    Also, people have to take into consideration the fact that Titus was the one who was taking the move from Cara. I think he's proven time and time again to be a bit sloppy in the ring.

  • Jonno

    does anyone else get criticized as much as Sin Cara? i mean Del Rio botched last night and it look ridiculous but people dont destroy him for weeks afterwards, sin Cara messes up and its the end of the world…….. other guys do it too and nothing is mentioned

  • Matthew

    How do you Land on your head when YOU are the one doing the DDT?

  • Clint

    seriously people give the guy a break he is getting better each time you see him, you people just like to complain

  • Shen

    He gets better and better that's true !! but I believe if Sin Cara get hurt badly and need to take a long long time to cure it again,Vine will definitely fire him.