Sin Cara Injured On Monday Night Raw

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Sin Cara appeared to break some fingers during his match with Alberto Del Rio on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. The injury happened when Cara dove out of the ring onto Del Rio. As soon as he landed the spot, he called for the referee. A camera shot showed several fingers clearly out of place.

We hope to have more later.

  • Santa

    Sin Cara hurt again? what else is new…

  • Tony Rankin

    What in the hell is wrong with Sin Cara? What was that like 3 minutes? He broke his fingers and his record for returning and injuring himself.

    • dragonicbeast

      the way he got hurt could have happened to anyone so lay off

      • Tony Rankin

        We’re not talking about anyone, we’re talking about Sin Cara. I’ve lost count of how many times he has injured himself at this point and he literally returned last night from an injury to injure himself again. It could happen to anyone but Sin Cara literally botches in every single match that he’s in and injures himself way more often than the rest of the roster.

  • Mike

    anyone got a picture?

  • WhatTheF?


  • Matthew

    Why is cena advertised for a live event on September 7th in New Jersey?

    • Simon Veitch

      Advertisements are subject to change and usually written weeks if not months in advance. If Cena does make an appearance it will be a shock since that injury looks terrible

  • Ian P.

    If you watch during the arm drag spot, I believe it actually happened then. As he was setting up for the suicide dive and about to run thru the ropes, you could already see him favoring his hand. I believe the dive only made him realize he was actually hurt.

  • AlphaMale

    He must not be getting enough calcium in his diet lol

  • Robert Olley

    Correct me if im wrong but didnt this guy fly all over in mexico yet in wwe he struggles to go 3 matches with a injury really worrying now

  • Jack

    Any thoughts on how Del Rio kept going after him? Even after the ref communicated Cara was really hurt? I remember hearing there were some issues between them in the past.

    • Gary Robert

      I was curious about this myself.

  • Moose666

    Future endeavored…

  • Alain Alfred Corpuz

    with just one move? JUST ONE MOVE. *sigh*

  • Charles

    Sin Cara’s character has never had any definition, direction, or purpose. He has been in the WWE for how long now? Del Rio tossing him back in the ring after the ref threw up the “X” gives a good indication of how liked and respected Sin Cara is in that locker room. For his own sake and ours it’s time for him to go.

  • dragonicbeast

    this is really bothering me he was great in mexico rarely ever got hurt but as soon as he comes to wwe he keeps getting hurt and completley sucks huh

  • Paul

    Geez was this guy trained by Kevin Nash?

  • Brandon

    If you watched the match you can clearly see that the kick Alberto gave Sin Cara at the opening bell was what actually broke his finger.