Sin Cara Reveals WWE Stars Are Staying At The Westin Jersey City Newport

Sin Cara posted his hotel key on his official Twitter account, revealing he’s staying in a room at The Westin Jersey City Newport hotel in Jersey City.

Given the fact the company usually books all of their talent in one hotel over Wrestlemania weekend, it’s likely this is the WWE hotel. There are no vacancies, however, you might be able to get some autographs by hanging around. Below is Cara’s card:


  • Dangerous Lee

    The rest of the boys are gonna hate him for this. LOL.

    • Richard Gray

      It usually gets out but this is a very public way of doing it. Haha

      • Diana Smith

        lol,it sounds a bit like an invite,I so should have been there maybe not at Wrestlemania though :)

    • Diana Smith

      lol,I think it’s cute he is being that friendly,people were ragging on the man saying he is not friendly,saying he is arrogant etc well apparently running off at the mouth really made them looks stupid it is obvious this man wants interaction and I will behave myself on that note :)

  • sir-rusty82

    Ok Im confused I didn’t think he spoke english

    • Faktorek

      He does not speak English but he can write in English, it seems.

    • Diana Smith

      here is his original post,somebody else translated it in to English:Buenas noches mexico!! Miren las tarjeta de hotel q tal están padres no creen saludos amigos bonita noche q descansen