Sin Cara Set To Return To The Ring Next Week

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Sin Cara provided the following injury update on his Twitter account:


  • Leo


    • Nostaljack

      That’s the absolute first word that came to me when I saw this.

  • Liam

    return to the ring next for a massive storyline which will culminate in him REINJURING himself or someone else… cant wait

    • do any of you realize this last time he was injured he had a concussion because Jack the drug addict Swagger botched catching him? duhhhhhhhhh

  • Dangerous Lee

    Looks like BotchMania will have a few more clips to add next week.

    • Matt

      You beat me to
      That one!

    • wow how stupid do you two look with your ignorant comments?oh I forgot he is not one of your ass kissing mouthpieces so you hate him,too bad isn’t it that he doesn’t suck like the two of you do

  • jj

    Breaking News:sin cara injured while walking to his restroom

    • wow,don’t quit your day job because your jokes seriously suck