Sin Cara Works Dark Match Prior To Smackdown Taping

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Following an injury on this week's Monday Night Raw, Sin Cara was in action prior to this week's WWE Smackdown taping, defeating Damien Sandow in a dark match.

After the match, Sin Cara posted a picture of his taped-up ring finger to Foursquare. Click here to view it.

Click here to view this week's Smackdown taping results.

  • Dave Barton

    As much time as he’s spent on the inactive list for a wellness violation and multiple self-inflicted injuries, Sin Cara should be future endeavored, not going over on a Mr. Money In The Bank!

    • Xavier

      It’s a dark match, it literally means nothing

  • Alain Alfred Corpuz

    Why the hell is Damien Sandow losing to a guy like Sin Cara. This is so pointless

    • Xavier

      It’s a dark match.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Sin Botchra is still around???? UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Charles

    Don’t know where WWE execs are going with this guy.
    His style doesn’t match up well with anyone else on the roster.
    He’s either injured or suspended constantly.
    No complaints for his mic work because the other 50% of being a Superstar is something he doesn’t do at all.
    He gets heat backstage and nobody likes working with him.
    Why didn’t they at least pair him with Ricardo Rodriguez?
    He needs a manager probably more than anyone in WWE history.

  • BlazeKing


    Just a couple of posts ago, people complained about him being out with injuries all the time. Now he wrestlers with that messed up finger and people complain that he won a match… Get real. People only come here to jump on the bandwagon if he botches, but never show up when he does some good work in the ring.

    • Guy Landau

      As a wrestler myself, people are justified in being disappointed in him for stopping the match. There’s an unwritten rule that you finish a match even when injured, at the very least you go home quickly. For Sin Cara to ask for stoppage like that is unacceptable behavior, and if Daniel Bryan can work for 10 minutes with a numb upper body because of a stinger before a doctor stops the match because it isn’t safe for him to continue, then Sin Cara can work two minutes with a broken finger, as there is nothing unsafe about it especially if all he needs to do is let Del Rio lock one submission and tap out. Him working with a hand injury is not something to be praised, it’s something to be expected. No one in the history of wrestling has ever taken time off because of a hand injury. At worst they cast it and go on. I also refuse to praise a guy when he isn’t botching. Again – that’s the expectation of him. And regardless he does botch far more than anyone else in the company. We shouldn’t acknowledge every time he doesn’t make a mistake, that is ludicrous.

      And It’s not just about him going over, which in itself is a travesty at this point as this guy proved he doesn’t deserve anything WWE has given him. It’s about him going over DAMIEN SANDOW, Mr Money in the Bank who’s due a push. The only reason we accept Cody Rhodes going over him is that Cody is also being pushed. Sin Cara clearly is not.

      • LeftyTosser

        Guy, you are 100% correct. I’ve seen far too many guys close matches with injuries without the fans really knowing and this guy gets a blister and has to stop. Future endeavor my butt, just fire his …. on live tv in front of everyone.

      • Xavier

        So what your saying is that it’s a travesty for a him to go over on a un-televised dark match that about 7 or 8 people saw and that we will all forget by the weekend?

        • Nostaljack

          It wasn’t just 7 or 8 people that saw it; the guys in the ban did too. What kind of message does that send to them?

          • Xavier

            It’s a dark match, it doesn’t send any type of message really. Getting worked up over a dark match is like getting mad because your favorite baseball team lost a spring training game.

      • Charles

        That was AWESOME!

      • BlazeKing

        I get what you were saying as a wrestler myself (oops, I let *that* cat out of the bag). But we both know that Cara’s style focus on his using his hands as much as possible to do those high flying moves. Sure, he could have worked the rest of the match. But, at what cost would that have been. He very well could have injured the finger even more and caused all sorts of damage had he not just stopped. He’s thinking about his long-term viability since he’s already had so many injuries.

        At some point, wrestlers have to be discouraged from further injuring themselves (like D.B. could have done while wrestling with a numb upper body). Imagine if Edge had just ignored warnings and continued to wrestle… That’s why a doctor had to stop that match with DB. Sometimes, it’s best to fall back and patch up your wounds. If your “fans” can’t understand that, then they’re not fans.

        “At worst they cast it and go on. I also refuse to praise a guy when he isn’t botching.”

        You refuse to praise him when he *isn’t* botching? People on here are always bitching about his botches but never anybody else’s. I see botches from wrestlers almost every other week but they never get blown up to Sin Cara levels. He could sneeze under his mask and people will scream “OMG SIN CARA BOTCHED!!!11!1!”. He definitely would have botched in the match with a broken finger… He can’t win either way.

        • Guy Landau

          “He very well could have injured the finger even more and caused all sorts of damage had he not just stopped.”

          All he needed to do was stay on the mat and let Del Rio lock the cross armbreaker in, in which he doesn’t go near your finger, and tap out with the other hand.

          And the fact Cara worked the following Smackdown should be a testament as to how bad the injury was. He would have known had it been a bad injury right away, and it obviously wasn’t.

          As for his botching – he damn well earned that reputation. He botches much more than any other WWE wrestler, and that’s why people here bitch about his botches more than others. With others it’s an unavoidable happenstance and people understand that nobody’s perfect. With Cara it’s just gotten to the point where his constant botching becomes a real issue, and granted that could be because of a lack of seasoning. However what I meant to say was that I’m not going to applaud a guy for each moves he doesn’t fail doing. People botch every week – but not near the extent Sin Cara botches on a match-by-match basis. You want to know how he got these scars.. I mean injuries? It’s because of the way he works. Not the high flying style, as most High Flyers don’t get nearly as many injuries as he does in the ring (Rey at the end of his career notwithstanding, because his knee got blown up during his 25 year career, as is to be expected from any wrestler). Just because a guy has a lower percentage of non-botches doesn’t mean we should praise them because they are unique occurances, that would just be lowering our expectations from talent.

    • Xavier