Sin Cara's Return To WWE Revealed

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It was announced during the Spanish broadcast of last night's WWE Raw Supershow that Sin Cara is scheduled for the Smackdown tour of Mexico later this month. The company will be touring the country on May 24-26.

Cara was in Mexico City this weekend, doing promotional work for WWE. He has been off television since Survivor Series where he suffered a knee injury. There is a possibility Cara could return to television prior to the tour but he is being officially advertised.

  • eric

    About time

  • Clem823

    It Wasn’t Survivor Series Wasn’t It Money In The Bank Where He Injured Hisself

    • Clem823

      NVM I Seen It

  • Aldin94

    Glad he’s returning. I’m really a big fan of his work, hopefully he improved a little on some of his weak spots.

  • Zach

    Money in the bank was used for when sin cara broke the wellness policy. Then hunico was Sin cara then there was the cara vs cara match. Hunico lost his mask on a smackdown in Mexico vs Cara. Sin cara then injured himself at Survivor series when jumping out of the ring

  • Captain Booger

    I'll take Sin Cara over Mysterio any day.

  • Herman Tank

    So take the day/month he's scheduled to return and add five months to it and that should be when he returns for an interview. Then he'll need three more months to finish healing. I mean Christian and Rey (Christian anyway) have been scheduled back a few times already and so far nothing. I'm just trying to be realistic.