Sin Cara's Return To WWE TV Revealed

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Vignettes aired during this week's Smackdown tapings (results available here) announcing that Sin Cara is set to return to WWE TV on next week's Smackdown, airing June 1.

Sin Cara has already worked a WWE live event and is expected to work the tour of Mexico from May 24-26.

  • Does the video show all his best work since joining the WWE? Or is it more like an epic fail video?

    • Guy Landau

      Some would say that the two are the same – his best work in WWE IS an epic fail

  • Monty


  • @KyleGordon91

    Should get some more episodes of Botchamania quicker now. Sweet!!

  • Dangerous Lee

    The botching begins June 1st.

  • They ended the Sin Cara feud too quickly with him and Hunico, look at both of them now…no one cares for either! Real shame.

  • Tna

    Hope he’s learned English so he can cut a decent promo

  • Rastlin Fan

    No one cares

  • Hardy

    Wonder if he will be bringing a taller trampoline when he returns to tv to actually make it over the ring ropes aha.

  • Travis

    Every comment above is cynical and whining. You’ve been warned.

  • Ricky Valdez

    It would be nice to have sin cara go one on one with the legend Rey mysterio, hopefully it happens sooner than later, Rey would win ofcourse, Rey might be the best pound for pound greatest wrestler ever.

  • Chowder

    I totally forgot about this guy! Hope he learned a thing or two on his time off…