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Get To Know Alex Barie

Alex Barie Alex Barie is an 18 year old, wrestling fan who has/had many dreams that he wanted to fulfill. Alex's first wrestling show was the Raw Tribute to Own Hart. He will never forget his first show because of that. He stopped watching wrestling for years, but started watching again in 2002. Since then, he has watched it non-stop. He tries to never miss a show. His favorite wrestler of all-time is a toss up between Kurt Angle, as both reside from Pittsburgh, and Edge. His favorite diva is, without a doubt, Vickie Guerrero! One of his favorite in and out of wrestling is Eric Bischoff. Alex particularly likes the heel characters. Besides watching wrestling, there are many more things that he can tell.

Alex was a member of the failed WWE Universe website. Being on there, he started a group called TFC. It stood for The Fan's Company. He was the owner while others wrote shows for the group. He had past and present wrestlers in his group, but he wanted to expand. He started to add online people to fight. It was now more than a group. It was a fantasy company. People all over the world contacted him to be a fantasy wrestler. Being a fantasy wrestler is just like being a real wrestler, but without traveling and the pay. They would be in storylines and matches. They would have to conduct their own promos themselves. If Alex seen improvement, they would get a push in his company. He took the company out of WWE Universe. TFC became the biggest online wrestling fantasy company on the web as it has a Twitter account, Blogspot page, it's own website, it's own chat page, and it's own forum. Alex ended TFC in August of 2010. It had over 500 members and expanded to 6 continents. While Alex loved it, he knows that all great things come to an end. You can still find TFC pages up over the internet. He wanted to pursue other options.

Alex loves to write! He wrote one of his TFC shows for over a year and a half. Those shows would be over 10 pages long (give or take the font and size). Alex went on to write for a small wrestling website, but he wasn't happy. He knew about Wrestling News World for over two years and he loved the site. He loved the look and the atmosphere. As stated before, Alex has many dreams, and one of those dreams was to write for Wrestling News World. He is writing for them now and he loves it. He finally achieved one of his many goals!

Outside of wrestling, Alex likes a wide variety of things. He wants to have a future in the business industry. Owning a business is one of his goals. On a lighter note, one of his favorite shows is Seinfeld. He also likes the shows Storage Wars, Judge Judy, Pawn Stars, and Ghost Adventures. He likes to catch up on the history of World War II. He is an avid fan of informercials. One of his idols is Billy Mays. Alex envys the sound of 80s music. Alex loves to talk, write, and entertain. If you want to read more about him, follow him on Twitter: Twitter.com/McMahon101

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