Kendra Bunyon is an adoptive mother of four who resides in Maine, the state where she grew up. Being a wrestling fan for many years, she received an A.A. in Fashion Design in hopes of being able to design wild costumes for wrestlers, but alas ring gear has become very boring and her health has held her back from chasing her goals.

Diagnosed at age eight with Crohn's Disease, she is disabled and unable to work a 'regular' job, so she struck out to see where she might be able to meld two of the greatest loves in her life - writing and wrestling. In 2005 she started writing for another wrestling site with a nearly live weekly RAW play-by-play. Not long after that she discovered and knew she wanted to write for the site. She auditioned for what became the TNA Blog Zone as soon as that spot became available and won it. She was thrilled to be the only woman writing for WNW. It wasn't long after that Richard approached her about posting her RAW play-by-play as she was already doing the writing. Months later when the position opened up to write RAW Is Blogged, Ken jumped at the chance as she's a little opinionated when it comes to wrestling. During her time at WNW she's filled in on other blogs as well as writing her famous PPV Predicts, which have a reputation for being wildly wrong except when they're astonishingly right - to the dismay of all those who watched Alberto Del Rio win.

Ken would like to be a crazy cat lady, but her boyfriend Stacy (who's comments occasionally show up in the blog) has held her back to 3, at least until a friend needed a home for a darling older girl and the reclusive number 4 moved in to a box on the freezer. And then there's her Service Dog Dragon who thinks he's a cat much of the time. Being a lover of words as well as a writer, Ken continues to add to an eclectic book collection, finding literary treasures at lawn sales, used bookstores and of course the town's transfer station. When not writing Ken works at bringing Stacy's wardrobe into the 21st century, works with innumerable craft, sewing and art projects, and acts as the voice of reason in the family.