Staff Listing

Below is where you will find a list of quick contacts of the Wrestling News World staff. For news submissions please use this form. If you are an advertiser, promoter, or wrestler and would like to discuss a business matter please contact Richard Gray.


Richard Gray (Get to Know) – richard [at]

Assistant to the Editor:

Brooks Oglesby (Get to Know)

Senior Staff Members:

Kendra Bunyon (Get to Know)

Sean Hopkins (Get to Know)

Blog Writers:

Kendra Bunyon (Get to Know) – Raw is Blogged

Jamie Welton - The Smackdown Breakdown

Result Writers/Live Coverage:

Kendra Bunyon (Get to Know) – WWE Raw Live Coverage

CJ Blaze – News writer, WWE Main Event Live Coverage

Brooks Oglesby (Get to Know) – WWE Superstars and Smackdown Taping Results

Scott Brooks – WWE NXT Taping Results

Alex Barie (Get to Know) – Impact Wrestling Live Coverage

Sean Hopkins (Get to Know) – WWE & TNA PPVs

Adam Wacker –  Smackdown Live Coverage

Other Contacts:

News Submissions, House Show Results – news [at]

Ask WNW Questions – askwnw [at]

WNW Premium Support - premium [at]