Skip Sheffield Gets People Talking With Cryptic Tweets

Skip Sheffield has people talking again with the following Tweets:

Sheffield returned to WWE at a Raw house show earlier this month after being gone since August 2010.

It should also be noted Sheffield is posting under his real name of Ryan Reeves.

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  • Danny

    It better not be him returning that would be the worst return promo ever

  • King

    :o he better not be the one “it begins”

    • Noah

      Hope not

    • Matt Scott

      Same as I said last night.

  • Chopper

    If its him i’m finished with wwe as i’ve said hes terrible

  • Dave

    …Well I'm fine with him returning as long as Jericho return's on the same night too.

  • vmagic

    Everyone get ready for Pyscho Skip! lol

  • RVDfan

    Its his ryback gimmick from his development days. Search Ryback on youtube