Skip Sheffield Teases His Return To The Ring

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Skip Sheffield's Twitter account, which had all its tweets deleted months ago, has posted a number of cryptic tweets today. Sheffield, who has been out for over a year with complications that began with a broken ankle, returned earlier this month at a Raw house show, defeating Alex Riley. To fuel speculation, WWE has trademarked Ryback, Sheffield's previous "Terminator" gimmick, and one of the tweets mentions "it begins." Sheffield's tweets are compiled below:

I refuse to type it yyywid is fake, accept n forget. My life my rules. Born n raised in Sin City, soon a psycho will be unleashed.

Who am I? Only time will tell, but rest assured narkboys Im not a Terminator sent to save John Connor. I also hate College Station #Fake

Sitting in a chair at a table in Sin City wondering why this ladder is in front of me? Laughing at the gossip, the Secret Power, it begins..

  • XKonn247

    Oh god. Them videos had better not be Skip bloody Sheffield!!!

    • Abe

      I loled hard

    • Andy

      if they are we riot, #wherearethewweicecreambars

  • old skewl fan

    i think it would be refreshing to see Shefffield return as the cryptic video person, as a new character, instead of someone like Jericho or Undertaker.

  • randall21

    It would be buzzkill but he is obviously hinting that he is behind the Itbegins2012 videos (not sarcasm)

    • Bob

      or they told him to do it so they could draw attention away from jericho being so f-ing obvious. Me and Fozzy will be in the recording studio from january to march recording a new album. That’s the RTWM u idiot. he really is making it obvious and not playing it off well.

  • chopper

    really hope its not skip i don't like him what so ever he is terrible.