Smackdown Changes, Jay & Mark Briscoe Update, Daniel Bryan’s Push, Connect With Me

Recently, you mentioned that you felt it was a bad decision for The Shield's streak to end on Smackdown instead of Raw or a PPV. Not that long ago, when Edge was battling Undertaker and Batista, Smackdown was not that inferior to Raw. Has the combination of the three-hour Raw and the end of the brand split rendered Smackdown completely irrelevant?

The philosophy of Smackdown has changed. When the brand extension was first put into place it was done as a mechanism to serve as internal competition. The thinking was Raw vs. Smackdown would be like WWE vs. WCW, except with WWE now controlling both shows with separate fan bases. Today, the brand extension has ended and Smackdown is more like it used to be as a secondary program to Raw. The problem lately has been very low viewership and insignificant/questionable creative calls. I can't give you the reason for the problems but we can all speculate about the creative team being burned out and there being too many hours to write each week.

What's the latest with Jay & Mark Briscoe, are they really heading to WWE?

Jay and Mark Briscoe finished up with Ring of Honor over the weekend. Their deals were up and apparently they're going to look elsewhere. Obviously the rumors will begin to swirl about WWE but they do not have offers as of this writing. As of Wednesday, June 26, 2013, The Briscoe Brothers are free agents. The future of the ROH title, held by Jay Briscoe, remains a question mark but will be addressed.

With Daniel Bryan opening and closing this week's Monday Night Raw, and in plenty of
excellent segments, do you see this as WWE testing the waters with him being the next "top guy"?

From everything we hear, Daniel Bryan has already done enough and is slated for a big push on WWE television this summer. Opening and closing this week's Monday Night Raw was part of what he's already earned. Bryan has a ton of backstage support due to his "show stealing work" over the past few weeks.

I see the links on the site regarding your social media, why should I connect with you?

I enjoy interacting with readers of for several reasons but it's fun being able to discuss stories, provide instant information and even go a little off-topic. You can feel free to send me a Facebook friend request, follow me on Twitter and add me to your LinkedIn network.

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Smackdown Changes, Jay & Mark Briscoe Update, Daniel Bryan’s Push, Connect With Me

  • Babe Sabrina

    I wanna be. FB friends with Richard Gray !
    Or is that I wanna have his baby
    I get the two confused

    • sdunne87

      Well either one will require Richard to “Poke” you

  • Scottyo614

    The problem with smackdown is there is no need to watch. All the recap is done in the three hours for Raw and I never miss anything on a Friday. Bravo WWE

    • Kenneth

      You have a point. There’s no incentive to watch smackdown these days.

      A) it’s taped and the results are available days in advance. Whether you agree with it or not it’s how it is these days.

      B) As you say, anything relevant is recapped.

      I think a good idea to get people watching would be to broadcast Smackdown live. Yes there’s the financial overhead but I’m sure the WWE could cope with that if it wanted to. At the very least give it a year or so and see how it affects the ratings over a longer term.

      The other thing I’d do is cut down on the recaps unless it is abso-freaking-lutely necessary. “You didn’t watch it last week and missed something? Tough titty, sunshine. Pay attention next week so it doesn’t happen again. Kthxbye.”

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    These days wwe seems to care less about producing a quality product and more about making money. So I ask, what’s gonna happen when Smackdown begins to do TNA ratings? They’ll probably blame SyFy if I have to guess because its cable TV and not network tv. Smackdown used to be so awesome just a few years ago. When it first started I actually thought it was stronger than Raw, they had Stephanie as the GM, Brock Lesnar as the wwe champion, Big Show, Kurt Angle, Undertaker and so on. This was circa 2002-03 so it was the best period Smackdown had.

  • Matt

    Could it be that Steph and HHH are running RAW and Vince is more running Smackdown and thus stating to prove and show Vince that its time to retire and let the young blood take over.

    • Kev

      I think one of the problems has Raw has been having until very recently is that Steph was having too much input. If the rumours are true, Heyman and Dutch have had a lot more input over the last 2 weeks and we can see the difference already. Smackdown needs one of these guys as head writer. When Heyman was in charge of Smackdown, it was without doubt the best and most interesting period

  • Nostaljack

    That last question is nothing more than a plug. There’s no way anyone actually asked it.

    • AlphaMale

      Haha! Somebody has been called out lol

      • Nostaljack

        Well, I mean c’mon. LOL!

    • SayWhat

      Totally agree, it’s annoying when they do that.

  • The arbiter

    A few years ago or so, I prefered Smackdown to Raw. I thought it had more wrestling per hour of show and I preferred the roster at the time. Now, I don’t watch it at all. Its recap after recap of raw, with the odd pointless match. The show has gone from being an alternative to raw, to the 4th and 5th hours of raw.

    • Smart Mark

      I agree, Smackdown was great when they had Batista, Rey, JBL, Randy Orton, Booker T, Bobby Lashley.

  • Gage

    Thanks for answering my question Richard on DB 😀