Smackdown Rating

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Last Friday's Smackdown did a 1.89 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 2,928,000 viewers on SyFy.

  • Alex

    Oh my god, that's almost down there with Impact. WWE got to step it up and just put smackdown in tuesdays live. Or at the very least, get it off fridays its a bad night for it.

    • M Durant

      Yeah but impact got a 0.99 rating so IMO wwe smackdown is just fine as tna impact is the one that's in trouble! 1.89 vs 0.99

      Advantage: WWE

      • S.Crowley

        why would vince be worried about a 1.89 rating? at least it's close to a 2.0 rating something that tna have not seen since it's inception! and you are claiming that it's almost down there with impact??? impact never got a 1.8 rating! you talking about wwe being in a panic about a 1.89 rating?? Dixie should be the one panicking as her impact wrassilin show got a 0.99 rating.

        • Alex Barie

          You can't look at and even analyze last week's Impact rating. Of course it would be down due to the holiday!

          • ryan durant

            if that's the case then YOU can't even analyze SD!'s ratings either! and like you said about your precious tna impact wrassilin show not being analyzed…ummmm SD!'s ratings is down because of the holidays too dude! FACE IT: TNA LOST! and WWE WON! period.

            0.99 (1.0) VS 1.89 (1.9) winner: WWE

  • chopper

    u all have to remember this is just the american ratings i watch smackdown and raw every week in the uk without faill and i would bet millions more are the same