*Spoilers* Full Smackdown Taping Results For This Week

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WWE taped this week’s episode of Smackdown tonight from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing On SyFy)

* The Miz joins Michael Cole & JBL on commentary.

* The New Age Outlaws b. Cody Rhodes & Goldust in a non-title match. Vickie Guerrero came out and talked about the Royal Rumble during the match, providing a distraction that allowed the New Age Outlaws to get the win.

* Backstage, CM Punk says he's calling out The Shield tonight.

* Paul Heyman comes out and cuts a promo regarding The Big Show's attack on Zeb Colter. He says Big Show would never attack him because he fears Brock Lesnar. He also notes that Lesnar will be at Raw on Monday. Big Show interrupts and Heyman flees. Shows says he will knock Lesnar out.

* Rey Mysterio b. Alberto Del Rio. After the match, Del Rio locked Mysterio in the Cross Armbreaker. Eva Marie served as the ring announcer for the match.

* Naomi w/ Cameron b. Tamina Snuka w/ AJ Lee. During the match, Cameron attacked AJ at ringside.

* The Wyatt Family comes to the ring and Bray Wyatt cuts a promo. He talks about being saved by Sister Abigail before addressing Daniel Bryan attacking him on Raw. Bray says he gave Bryan a chance, but now he will burn.

* Backstage, CM Punk says he's calling out both The Shield and The New Age Outlaws. He tells Renee Young that The Authority can choose to respond how they want.

* Big E Langston b. Fandango. The Bella Twins served as the ring announcers for the match.

* Backstage, The Shield cuts a promo.

* The Usos b. The Real Americans. Aksana served as the ring announcer for the match. Zeb Colter was in a wheelchair, selling the events from Raw.

* CM Punk comes to the ring and says he's not a coward, unlike The Authority. The Shield and The New Age Outlaws come out and surround the ring. Kane then comes out and says that The Authority wants Punk to main event WrestleMania, which is why they've put him in the Royal Rumble match. Kane assures Punk that they want Punk to be respected and leaves. Punk calls Kane back out and starts to insults him. Kane then tells The Shield and The New Age Outlaws to attack Punk. They attack him and Kane hits a chokeslam on Punk to end the show.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Emma is in the DCU Center tonight after appearing on Raw. This card-carrying #EMMAcrat is starting to think this might be the beginning of an angle if she appears on camera again.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Love how they have the NAO working as heels, I’ve always thought that just because a legend returns for a limited time doesn’t mean they have to be a face.

    • Venom

      It does make sense that they are DX that they’d do this but again using logic why do the segment on old school raw and do the match on smackdown last week? Billy gunn got speared by reigns and got pinned? Unless HHH in storyline pulled them aside and gave them a pay raise after last week to turn on punk. Maybe GTV can show that.

      • Stephen Cash

        To gain Punks trust so it hurt more…. Pretty logical

        • Venom

          Then wouldn’t that say “your finisher doesn’t hurt that much lets take it to fool someone”. The spear is meant to be devastating. So devastating that u can’t kick out of it.

  • Mike

    Can anyone else see a swerve coming? CM Punk joining The Authority. He calls himself The Voice of The Voiceless. Imagine the heat he would get if he sold out and joined The Authority. Could possibly happen at WrestleMania like Stone Cold a few years back when he attacked The Rock with a steel chair and joined Vince McMahon and later formed The Two Man Power Trip with Triple H

    • Venom

      It s kind of been done where cm punk turned heel when he was super over as a face. Punks character doesn’t play 2nd fiddle to anyone. The only way I’d see that is if he really did win the royal rumble, challenges orton for the championship and they do a double turn. While I don’t mind him doing it the way u implied it I just don’t see orton turning face so soon. Even if this were to happen now all were seeing is orton complaining that he’s facing all these people and the authority gets fed up (and rightfully so cuz id be annoyed) and this is how he turns? It’s like when evolution turned on him and suddenly he became face.

      • Mike

        Or Cena beats Orton at the Royal Rumble, Punk wins the Royal Rumble and Punk turns heel on Cena by alligning with The Authority.


      nah, just simple CM Punk vs Hunter program for WM XXX

  • Venom

    Some reports are saying that ADR is the one who beat Rey with the armbar. Can we get a clarify?