*Spoilers* Full Smackdown Taping Results For This Week

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WWE taped this week’s episode of Smackdown tonight from the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy):

* Batista opens the show with a promo. He says he loves this company and he loves this business. He says that he didn't come back to be cheered by the fans. He says the fans that don't like him will have to deal with it, because he can destroy anyone WWE puts in front of him. He questions what happened to this business and says the fans who don't support him need to escape their fantasy world. before Dolph Ziggler interrupts and says that Batista can't dictate who the fans cheer for. He calls Batista a dinosaur and says that soon, he'll be extinct. He challenges Batista to a match, which Batista happily accepts. Ziggler hits a dropkick on Batista.

* The Real Americans b. Big E & Mark Henry. Cesaro hit a Neutralizer on Henry for the win.

* Backstage, Alberto Del Rio tells Vickie Guerrero he wants the night off. Sheamus interrupts and suggests Del Rio fight him instead.

* Sheamus b. Alberto Del Rio by disqualification. Christian joined commentary for the match. Christian interfered, attacking Sheamus. Sheamus fought back and tossed Christian out of the ring before hitting Del Rio with a Brogue Kick. Christian recovered and hit a Killswitch on Sheamus.

* Batista b. Dolph Ziggler. Batista was in control for the vast majority of the match.

* The Wyatt Family come out and cut a promo on the lies society tells us. The Shield interrupts and the teams star each other down in the ring. Triple H interrupts and announces The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield on Raw next week.

* AJ Lee b. Cameron to retain the Divas Championship.

* It is announced that Brock Lesnar will confront The Undertaker on Raw.

* Daniel Bryan & The Usos b. Kane & The New Age Outlaws. Bryan hit a running knee to win the match and end the show.

  • opie

    Neutralizer on Henry? Cesaro is ridiculous.

    • Bob’s Diner

      And I bet he still don’t take no guff from no lousy ring steps

      • opie

        I had to look this up. Brilliant! I’d love to see this referenced in WWE.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I knew you would appreciate it

  • stoney

    ‘Batista can’t dictate who the fans cheer for’
    Vince: fans will like who i tell them to like

    • Vince McMahon

      Damn right they will!

  • jdl

    So, what, they think turning Batista heel will make the booing okay? He’s not being booed because people don’t like him, he’s getting booed because people don’t give a damn about him anymore. Furthermore why would Marvel and Disney want to promote a movie starring a heel that no one likes? This whole mess is just poorly timed and poorly handled.

    • thepowerserge

      Guess we truly can call it Batista heat now. Sean Waltman, you’re officially off the hook.

    • K!NG

      pretty Sure movie star rock in 2003 was heel

      • Bob’s Diner

        But he wasn’t in any big blockbusters as a hero in 2003. Not to mention he was already making a name for himself in Hollywood – which was the basis of why he was a heel in the first place. Dave Bautista is still far from that level. Guardians of the Galaxy could very well get him there, but we won’t know until it comes out

  • Bryan

    I believe that if Batista was coming back for a mid card fued, people would probably be behind him. He is getting heat because he is in the spot that DB should be in. Ive always been a fan of Batista. If he was in a Wrestlemania program with Brock Lesnar, John Cena, or just about anybody else, heck, even the Undertaker…I would be okay with that. People arent into him because hes in Daniel Bryan’s spot. Now if only management would get that through their thick skull…

    • Mysterion

      Mid card? Cena, Lesbnar, Taker… Mid card. My mind is a confuse.

      • Bob’s Diner

        John Cena does pretty well for a midcarder! Maybe one day he’ll break that glass ceiling and get in the main event. Might even be a title run in his future…

        • Mysterion

          He’s getting there! I mean Jesus, who wants to see Ziggler, Cesaro or Cody? This Cena kid is gonna be huge!

    • Bryan

      I meant “midcard” as middle of the card at Wrestlemania.

      • Mysterion

        But that isn’t what mid card means. A match against any of those guys would be main event. The words “co main event” aren’t heard enough these days.

  • Bob’s Diner

    This is just starting to look like ‘HHH Takes on the Internet Fans’ or something, with Batista as his chosen warrior! Battling the villainous foes that the internet chooses to support, like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler!

    Internet makes HHH angry!

    The irony is given the new WWE busniess model, all their fans are apparently on the internet.

    • David F.

      Its not just IWC anymore casual fans are starting to get behind Bryan as well. Look at how popular he is with the sports world. His yes chants were even on ESPN recently. Sometimes fans want something different and unique than typical 6’2 250 steroid freak guys that Vince has fetish with. Hopefully in end of WM 30 Bryan will be walking out with WWE title if not shame on WWE

      • Bob’s Diner

        I actually don’t believe in an ‘IWC’ at all anymore – it was a valid term in 1999 when very few fans were on the internet, but now? And just look at the comments on this site and you can see everyone has different opinions. The only people that still like to throw that around are marks who get annoyed when people don’t like certain angles or wrestlers. As I said, WWE obviously believe all their fans are on the internet otherwise they wouldn’t be launching an online network

  • JasonT2300

    WWE should of let Batista come back as a suprise entrant at number 30 and eliminate someone who every hates like Del rio or Kane instead of someone like Roman, but they advertisted him way too much why people were on the DB field so people already knew where this was going and already hated the fact they have to see two or the worlds most hated Orton and Batista get main event

    • Mysterion

      You have no idea what your talking about, do you? Batista WAS a surprise entrant but an arena spoiled his return so WWE ended up advertising him instead.

  • JasonT2300

    I have this feeling Punk will show up at chicago and get himself added to the main event match since DB is already locked in with HHH, Punk is the only one who can save this, hopefully Vince got out to him

    • Malboja

      Punk is going back to ring of honour

      • Bob’s Diner

        I hope you aren’t being serious…

        • Malboja

          He is waiting for his contract to expire then he is going to go to roh and run a program with ………MICHAEL BENNETT

          Well that is my opinion ….

  • Gage

    What I see happening is, in the ending of the Wyatts vs Shield, Ambrose pulls out a Goat mask, puts it on, Reigns turns around… “What the hell are you doing?” Ambrose attacks Reigns, Bray rolls up Reigns, boom! Ambrose aligns himself with The Wyatts, saying he’s always with the better group.