*Smackdown Spoilers* Update To Elimination Chamber Match; Big Match Added To PPV Card

Antonio Cesaro and Christian earned spots in the Elimination Chamber match on this week's Smackdown. Cesaro and Christian will join Randy Orton, John Cena, Daniel Bryan & Sheamus in the structure to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

In addition, The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family was announced for the pay-per-view.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 will take place on Sunday, February 23, 2014, from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’ll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • BIG M

    Why is Cesaro in the match.
    I mean yeah he is an underated talent in WWE (one of many) but it seems a little Wierd putting him in a PPV main event out of the blue like this even if he is just playing filler.

    • opie

      It’ll make the match better, but you’re right. It’s kinda weird.

    • Mysterion

      Remember Santino?

      • BIG M

        Yeah good point he had his career performance in that match no doubt.
        I’m sure cesaro will do the same and make the most of this opportunity.

    • ken

      It’s better than selling El Torito’s tackle.

  • Vince McMahon

    WHAT! WHO IN THE HECK BOOKED THIS! WHAT A DISASTER! Don’t worry guys! when raw comes on next week i’ll get Cesaro and christen replaced with people who you really care about! Ryback and Alberto Del Rio!

    • opie

      ^^^ Is this seriously the same guy who posts as IWC? It’s not funny. Just obnoxious.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    So how is Brock Lesnar getting his title match? Is it going to be on RAW? WWW dot com does have a poll up at the minute saying who do you think will head to Wrestlemania the WWE WHC…

    They should save The Wyatts V Shield for mania.

    • Mysterion

      Break Shield up at EC, first time I’ve wanted them to break up, and have a US Title triple threat at Mania.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        i don’t want them broken up yet,

  • Stephen Cash

    Although I’m super excited for this EC match, looks like the best in years, and I wanted Orton to enter WM with the title…. Lesnar and Batista not in this match basically means that Orton will 100% walk out champion. I wanted Orton as champ at WM, but I don’t want it to be so obvious…

  • Charles

    Kofi Kingston pins Orton in a non-title match and goes right back to the back of the line.
    It’s a never ending cycle.