*Spoilers* Complete Smackdown Taping Results For This Week

WWE taped this week’s WWE Smackdown tonight from the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy):

* A steel cage is hanging above the ring.

* Vickie Guerrero opens the show by introducing WWE Champion Randy Orton. He calls himself the face of the WWE, and asserts that he didn't need Triple H's help to win the title. He is interrupted by Daniel Bryan, who says it's time for a new face of WWE. Bryan says he fought for every opportunity Orton was handed. Bryan wants a shot at the title tonight, but Orton says he has to wait until Night of Champions. Orton holds up the title and Bryan hits Orton with a dropkick, knocking him out of the ring.

* Backstage, Vickie Guerrero fumes over what just unfolded in the ring. Vickie puts Daniel Bryan in a match with Wade Barrett tonight, to take place in a steel cage.

* Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman b. Cody Rhodes. After the match, Heyman trash-talked CM Punk. Axel challenges Punk to a title match on Raw.

* Dolph Ziggler b. Big E Langston w/ AJ Lee

* Alberto Del Rio b. Christian by submission with the Cross Armbreaker. After the match, Ricardo Rodriguez came out and introduced Rob Van Dam. Christian took advantage of the distraction and dropkicked Del Rio, allowing RVD to hit a 5-Star Frog Splash on Del Rio.

* Big Show & Mark Henry b. 3MB

* Darren Young b. Antonio Cesaro

* Daniel Bryan b. Wade Barrett in a steel cage match by pinfall with a running knee strike. After the match, Randy Orton ambushed Bryan and beat him down to end the show.

  • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    I know the west coast Smackdown tapings always post late but does anyone know what time they start/finish?

    • Peteya56

      I was at the smackdown taping last week in San jose Ca, it started at 7pm. But they filmed WWE Main Event, and had a dark match and whatnot, so Smackdown did not start until about 8ish

      • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

        so that’d be 11 to 1 eastern time?

        • Peteya56

          Yup yup

  • BrooksOglesby

    Sorry for the delay, everyone. Blame time zones. Gotta say, I’m already shocked that they didn’t promote this show at all on Raw. A steel cage match is the kind of thing that could actually get people to tune in.

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      But – DB Vs Barret for the 4th or 5th time in as many shows? Dont they have others in the locker room to fight DB?

  • BrooksOglesby

    The Darren Young match is gonna be controversial, I can feel it already. If there was any doubt on Raw, it looks like they’re pushing him (along with Titus) as a top face tag team. I understand why some people think it’s exploiting, but I can’t say I blame WWE for taking advantage of a positive mainstream news story. The fact that they haven’t even mentioned Young coming out on TV is a smart move, too. PTP are charismatic, and really should’ve been faces a long time ago.

    • Xavier

      Agreed, even before Young came out fans were starting to warm up to TPT. Personally I’m not sure how I feel about Young getting a push purely based off his sexual preference, but if it gets him & O’Neal over with fans then I guess it’s the right call. I like that WWE creative as made them faces as I feel that both Titus & Darren are better suited as faces. I hope that Titus gets his shot one day at a solo push, I think he has potential to move up the card. On a side note, I love that the tag division is becoming a focus of creative. Reigns/Rollins, Usos, Prime Time Players, Big Show/Mark Henry (it appears to be the case), and then at some point I’m sure Luke Harper/Erik Rowan & Los Matadores will be thrown in the mix as well.

      • Nick K

        The Uso’s deserve it more though.

  • Wes

    How does Rhodes go under to Axel, that kills all the good work he’s been doing with Sandow. Not to mention Sandow under Cara. How does the SD MITB winner not get a spot on SD. Not to mention Wade is in main event after floating from low to mid card recently.

  • sheamusfan

    Punk vs axel for the ic title on raw well looks like its gonna be relevant again. But I think a new heyman client will be debuting and will allow axel to pick up the win. #the ascension

    • Avalanchian

      Nah they can’t afford to make Axel look even more weak than he already has. He doesn’t really have any pop.

  • Justin Lal

    This proves that the only reason WWE supported Young’s decision was because they could benefit from it. Young was a jobber one week ago and all of a sudden has picked up two wins over a former US Champion.

    • Avalanchian

      Ya it’s like also they couldn’t release him any time soon either if they wanted to either or it would look really bad on their behalf. I just laugh cause he looks kind of like Cena.

    • Matt

      This from a man who detests gay marriage.

  • LeftyTosser

    It looks like VKM has hired the creative team from TNA. Story lines are shot to heck in the matter of minutes. Axel over Rhodes? Sin Cara even being on a show? Darren Young over Cesaro? smh