*Spoilers* Complete Smackdown Taping Results For This Week

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WWE taped this week’s WWE Smackdown Tuesday night from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy):

*Big E Langston introduces the new World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler, who makes his way to the ring with AJ Lee to open the show. Ziggler gets a mic but is interrupted by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Colter says that Swagger wants a shot at Ziggler's title. Alberto Del Rio comes out next, limping after what happened on Raw. Del Rio wants a title shot, too. Chris Jericho comes out last and announces that he will face Ziggler tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship.

* Team Hell No b. The Prime Time Players by submission with the No Lock. After the match, The Shield appeared on the TitanTron and warned Team Hell No that they would not back down next time they met.

* Wade Barrett b. Santino Marella

* Sheamus & Randy Orton met with Booker T & Teddy Long. Booker announced that Orton and Sheamus will face The Big Show in a handicap match tonight.

* Tamina & The Bella Twins b. Kaitlyn & The Funkadactyls

* Triple H comes to the ring for a promo about his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29. He is interrupted by 3MB. The Shield comes out and attacks 3MB, then turns their attention to Triple H. Team Hell No makes the save and The Shield retreats. Team Hell No and Triple H then clear the ring of 3MB.

* In what is likely a dark segment, Team Hell No try to "hug it out" with. Triple H says that he doesn't want to hug Bryan and pokes fun at him for being vegan, but says he has history with Kane. He starts talking about their infamous Katie Vick angle, admitting that they "were young and needed the money." Vince McMahon's music hit and Triple H says that if anyone needs a hug, it's Vince McMahon. Vince almost goes to the ring to hug it out, but ends up not doing it. Triple H ended the segment by finally hugging Team Hell No.

* Backstage, The Big Show argues with Booker T over his "bias" for putting him into a handicap match.

* Sheamus & Randy Orton b. The Big Show by countout. Big Show received an RKO and Brogue Kick that sent him out of the ring, which led to Show walking back up the ramp for the countout.

* Kofi Kingston b. Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match.

* Fandango makes his way to ringside to watch the next match.

* Dolph Ziggler b. Chris Jericho to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. During the match, Fandango distracted the referee, allowing Big E Langston to attack Jericho. Ziggler then rolled Jericho up for the win. After the match, Jericho attacked Ziggler and Big E, but Fandango provided another distraction, allowing Ziggler to hit a Zig Zag on Jericho. Big E then hit his finisher on Jericho before leaving with Ziggler. Fandango hit his top rope leg drop on Jericho and stood tall to end the show.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Hi everyone, welcome to the Smackdown Spoilers Watch Party! We’ve got Main Event and SMS spoilers first, so while that all happens, what do you expect from tonight’s Smackdown? With a legendary crowd last night, I expect that we’ll have a similarly hot crowd tonight, but I’m afraid that WWE might edit crowd reactions much more, especially if a guy like Triple H gets bad reactions.

  • JJ

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we have audio going out if the crowd starts chanting for someone not on the roster

  • BrooksOglesby

    Main event spoilers are now underway! It’s already looking to be a solid show.

  • Now would have been as good a time as any for one of those random live smackdowns they do.

  • Spuddyz

    I’m all in favor of a Ziggler face turn.

  • Weird thought Swagger was in court today

  • BrooksOglesby

    I’m hearing that the crowd is loud, but not at the levels of Raw last night. Ziggler got a big pop at the top of the show. I’m confident that Ziggler will retain tonight against Jericho, but you never know after what happened with Christian and Orton in 2011.

    • Jimmy

      Or even what happened with Miz and Barrett just this past week.

    • Fandango will probably cost Jericho

  • Jericho vs. Ziggler? What will the smarks do for that one?

  • Oh God Jericho vs. Ziggler, I have a bad feeling about this.

    But isn’t Alberto Del Rio number 1 contender. Ah well.

    • extreme rules ADR again WHC…

  • BrooksOglesby

    I’m thinking Fandango costs Jericho the match. That’ll continue that angle and allow Ziggler to move on to Del Rio or whoever else is in line for a shot.

    • Jericho’s taking time off for Fozzy again I think because he’s performing near me in England soon so I expect an injury angle.

  • Streamz

    Orton & Sheamus v Big Show? I still want that Orton heel turn we didn’t get at Mania, damnit! Now’s the chance!

    • i think both are time to heel turn…

  • The crowd is nothing like last night, as it is a very kid friendly audience. There have been lots of failed attempts for chants of Fandango’s theme song. – Fan Report

    LOL at those that thought last night’s crowd was the start of something new!

    • Matt

      Oh shut up moaning about RAWs crowd you absolute killjoy. Please never attend an event in England. That’s how we do things EVERY WEEK at sporting events! Over here the athletes realise we paid OUR money and we support wh WE want. Not who we’re told to support like bloody sheep led to slaughter. Just shut up. And baring in mind they pipe in crowd noise on SmackDown it’s hardly a good gauge if what crowds want is it? SmackDown is ALWAYS kid friendly. It was PG first and has, generally, much more stuff aimed at kids.

      • Doesn’t the spit in the “face” of the point of pro wrestling and having heel or face characters though? Maybe I’m just old school.

        • Nate

          Putting on boring matches and highly predictable shows spits in the face of professional wrestling.

  • BrooksOglesby

    For those of you keeping score, this is Kofi Kingston’s first televised victory (not counting Saturday Morning Slam or Superstars) of 2013.

    • K!NG

      that it is i wish they had a direction with his character as he is a good talent in the ring needs better mic work but something needs to be done with him

    • jeff

      Hes from boston

  • Kdls1

    Cesaro jobs again.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Hope everyone’s watching the Hall of Fame highlights on USA. They just showed Foley pinning Jericho, and it was as great as it sounded.

  • Michael

    Hell has frozen over kofi got a win on television.

  • Did they dance for Fandango?

    • BrooksOglesby

      I’m hearing that the show ended with the crowd singing along to Fandango’s theme. It wasn’t to the level it was on Monday, and they have time to edit it out if they want, but there’s a chance that the chants will make it to air.

  • Seriously? Cesaro lost again? Come on Creative, get your act together

    • I think it pretty obvious that someone backstage *cough* Vince *cough* doesn’t like Mr. Cesaro very much.

  • whts going on WWE?? 3MB turn to baby face???

  • JYD

    1title defense for Ziggler. 1 dirty win. UGH!!!! VKM let your champs win clean!

  • Cubed56

    Of course Ziggler has to win dirty, for Christ sake can a heel champion for once get a clean win , please.

    • H.M.

      Wade Barrett vs Miz? Henry vs Orton at NoC 2011 for the WHC? Few and far between but they exist lol. :p

  • Stoney

    It’s been a while since kofi won a match. I wonder what he did to piss off Vince?