*Spoilers* Complete WWE Smackdown Taping Results From London, England

Welcome to this week's Smackdown Spoilers “Open Thread” Watch Party! This week's Watch Party is taking place 5 hours earlier due to the taping taking place in London, England.

The contents above the comments will include our exclusive live play-by-play spoiler coverage you are used to reading each week. It’s recommended you have your favorite beverage and a snack nearby!

This is perfect for those looking to discuss the show but can’t on social media because you don’t want to *spoil* your friends. We have coverage of WWE Main Event & Saturday Morning Slam on separate pages. Feel free to use the comment sections to discuss what’s going on in the wrestling world!

WWE is taping this week’s WWE Smackdown tonight from the O2 Arena in London, England. Below are ongoing results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy):

* Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter b. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez in a No Disqualification match. The match lasted around 20 minutes and featured kendo sticks, chairs, and ladders.

* Layla b. Aksana

* The Shield appears on the TitanTron and talks about winning their match on this week's Raw.

* Fandango b. Justin Gabriel

* Sheamus b. The Big Show when Mark Henry came out to distract Sheamus, allowing Big Show to hit the WMD and get the pin.

* Wade Barrett b. William Regal

* Mark Henry b. Randy Orton by disqualification. Henry attempted to leave mid-match, but Sheamus ran out and stopped him with a Brogue Kick. After this, Orton hit an RKO on Henry.

* The Undertaker b. Dean Ambrose by submission with Hell's Gate. After the match, the rest of The Shield came out and attacked Undertaker. Roman Reigns speared Undertaker through the barricade. The Shield then triple powerbombed Undertaker through the announce table.

* In the dark match main event, Triple H & The New Age Outlaws b. The Shield. After the match, Triple H and The New Age Outlaws helped The Undertaker to the back.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Hi everyone, welcome to this week’s Smackdown Spoilers Watch Party! SMS has already taken place and Main Event is underway as I type. As for the show,I’m hoping we see Undertaker do something on Smackdown and not just appear in a dark match.

    • NicholasWright

      The Undertaker should be doing something on Smackdown and Raw, and not just appearing in ‘Dark Matches’. As good as it is to warm up paying WWE fans who go to live events with a great surprise before the TV-aired show. Or to send home those same fans with a big ticket superstar appearing after the tapped event. ‘Dark Matches’ of the magnitude that the undertaker brings, only leave those paying customers feeling unique and privileged. While the ‘everyday’ fan who watches on TV gets a bit jealous and feels that this hall-of-fame character could be used for so much more. The Undertaker deserves to be a feature on WWE televised episodes from time to time. He still has what it takes and this was proven by his abilities during his preformances at Wrestlemania29 and this past Monday Night’s episode of RAW from London, England. The crowd both in the arena, but also at home feels the energy and gets the same goosebumps as the lights go out and the Undertakers gong hits to signal his epic theme music and grand entrance. The Undertaker is a dramatic figure both presently and historically in Wrestling. His character has been one of astonishing popularity for over 2 decades. The Undertaker should be used strategically, yet more regularity than he has during the past 2-3 years, as his story-lines could be very compelling.

  • Joey

    Del Rio and Swagger’s match reminds me of that classic No DQ Eddie Guerrero vs Edge match in 2002! When’s the last time a ladder was used in a No DQ match?!?!?

    • probably a match that involved Jeff Hardy. He’ll use a ladder for no reason after all.

      • opie

        Impossible. There are ALWAYS reasons to use a ladder.

  • SexualSeduction08 .

    * Sheamus b. The Big Show when Mark Henry came out to distract Sheamus, allowing Big Show to hit the WMD and get the pin.

    Is anyone else confused by this?

    • BrooksOglesby

      Whoops, my mistake. Guess I’m not used to Sheamus losing. Big Show won, I’ll correct it.

      • SexualSeduction08 .

        no problem

      • GODSENT68

        Also fix the Mark Henry Randy Orton one

      • gagep931

        he’ll fix it he said…. xD

  • If Big Show beat Sheamus shouldn’t it be Big Show b Sheamus

  • Mac

    Just read on Twitter that Undertaker is fighting Dean Ambrose in the main event

    • BrooksOglesby

      Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose was advertised on the Tron, but I’m waiting to confirm whether it will be on the show or just a dark match. Obviously it’s a match people are going to want to see.

      • NicholasWright

        yes yes yes like Daniel Bryan!

      • Rayner Chee-bai

        Wonder with the right time given and promos about Undertaker and Dean Ambrose feuding; that should be an instant classic.

  • Is there more for Smackdown

  • Dale

    Dont expect to see Ryback or Kaitlyn on smackdown tonight as both are in Nottingham

    • Matt

      Damn!!!! Was really hoping to see Kaitlyn!

  • Joey

    Fun Fact: This is the first time Sheamus has been pinned on free TV since October, he hasn’t been pinned on Smackdown since last July.

  • BrooksOglesby

    It appears as if we’ll be seeing Taker vs. Ambrose in some capacity, since the cameramen and announcers were working during the match. Most likely it will be televised, but WWE has posted dark matches and segments online before, so I’m thinking we’ll see it regardless.

    • MrCraigus

      It looked to me like a way to get the Undertaker off screen for a while. I reckon Smackdown will end on him ‘destroyed’ through the announce table.

  • so Undertaker will be on SD

  • Cubed56

    The shield has not lost yet, yet they have Ambrose lose clean to taker, do you think this makes them look somewhat weak? There is absolutely nothing wrong with going under to taker at all, but I thought they would’ve had Ambrose get dq’d with interference from reigns and Rollins near the end of the match, this way although Ambrose lost, no member of the shield has been pinned or submitted yet. Hopefully Ambrose at least still looked strong in defeat.

    • Xavier

      Nope. Doesn’t make them look weak at all

  • Smackdown looks awesome this week 🙂

  • Why would you not air Ambrose vs Taker? And we get Big Show vs Sheamus and Henry vs Orton again?

  • Dangerous Lee

    The Shield were probably marking out after the show.

  • Michael

    So a member of shield finally loses on television.

  • -|AZ|-

    So now that Dean Ambrose has been booked in a singles match, I’m pretty sure that Seth and Reigns will be pushed for the tag team c’ship…


  • It’s nice to see Taker on a Regular SmackDown. #respect

  • smb

    undertaker back to wrestling full time?

  • Brian

    Hmmm. Expecting people to pay for Extreme Rules in a couple weeks, and you give away a “No DQ” match on free TV. WCW anybody?

  • TomasHunter

    The majority of that line up isn’t that thrilling, but I was really looking forward to the match between Ambrose and the Undertaker. Sadly, I got called in to work a late shift at DISH about half way through Smackdown. So I set my DISH Hopper DVR to record the rest of Smackdown before I left. My kids were worried that they would miss their recordings, but the Hopper records up to 6 shows at once during primetime; I got to finish the Divas match and the rest of Smackdown when I got home, and my kids shows were recorded just like normal.