Complete Smackdown Spoilers For This Week

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WWE taped this week’s WWE Smackdown tonight from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy):

* Ryback b. Daniel Bryan. Ryback cut a promo prior to the match.

* Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez discusses his victory on Raw.

* Fandango b. Zack Ryder

* Ricardo Rodriguez b. Zeb Colter by disqualification when Jack Swagger interfered, attacking Ricardo. Alberto Del Rio made the save. Teddy Long came out and turned the brawl into a tag team match.

* Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter ended when Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston interfered. Teddy Long came out again and turned the match into a triple threat tag team match.

* Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez b. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter & Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston in a triple threat tag team match.

* Backstage, The Shield assaults Daniel Bryan. When the assault ends, they cut a promo before leaving.

* Randy Orton b. Damien Sandow. After the match, The Big Show comes out and says that Orton is not a team player. Sandow takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Orton.

* Backstage, Kane emerges from the trainer's room where Daniel Bryan is being examined. He says that he will make The Shield pay.

* Sheamus meets Mark Henry in the ring for an arm wrestling contest. Henry defeats Sheamus in the first round, but Sheamus says he wants a rematch. Sheamus then hits Henry with a Brogue Kick.

* Dean Ambrose b. Kane. After the match, The Shield attacked Kane and hit him with a triple powerbomb to end the show.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Hey everyone, how we doing? Tonight’s a big show, with Dean Ambrose looking for his first singles win against Kane tonight. Any predictions on that?

    • I think Kane will kick Ambrose’s ass!!

      • Coolkd116

        I do believe the ending will be similar to last week where kane beats ambrose but gets attacked afterwards.

  • Anyone else think it’d be a bad idea to have ambrose lose 2 weeks in a row? Sure if they attacked after it’d make the shield stay strong but having him lose would hurt him. I think they should have kane lose by DQ

    • Will

      Exactly we don’t want one of the only good things wwe is doing is right for them to just drop the ball on it

    • Agreed

    • BrooksOglesby

      I’m thinking they’ll have Ambrose win this one, or at least lose by DQ when The Shield interferes. Personal opinions aside, Undertaker is on a higher level than Kane in terms of power levels. Kane loses fairly regularly and was a midcarder for much of his career in the 2000s, while The Undertaker is portrayed as a legend. Kane losing to Ambrose wouldn’t produce the shock that Taker losing to Ambrose would, so I’m thinking they won’t have Ambrose lose clean.

      • Will

        Also Kane is one of the most unselfish superstars in history so he would be happy to put the shield over

        • BrooksOglesby

          Of course! Kane has an awesome attitude, and he’s really stepped it up lately to make his opponents look good.

      • i have seen that myself seems like only time we see teddy on tv.

  • Ryback beat Daniel Bryan?? Really?

    • Ryback is in a main event program, Daniel Bryan is NOT.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    It’s tag team match Teddy!!

    • BrooksOglesby

      He had to make two tag team matches this week because last week he missed his chance to make someone go ONE ON ONE WITH…THE UNDATAKA.

  • What is it with Teddy Long always making tag matches

    • BrooksOglesby

      It became such a big joke within the wrestling community that it really seems like WWE is aware of it and does it so often as a rib. Dot com has done some compilations of Teddy Long’s tag team matches and I’ve seen Finkel and some other people poking fun at his tag team addiction on WWE live chats.

  • Not Surprising that Kane put Ambrose over. Good on him

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Why does Del Rio keep going over?

    • Because there is no other hispanic they can push that is marketable. Mysterio is past his prime, Sin Cara is an injury problem waiting to happen. So they have used him for a strong following.

      • George Waldman

        Ricardo is marketable because he is more over and loved by the crowd than Del Rio is, so why not push him. I’d drop the lack of wrestling skills gimmick and give him a real chance to show what he can do in the ring.

  • Chris

    Any word on what Ambrose’s finisher was? Or was it just a dirty finish?