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Welcome to the first-ever Smackdown Spoilers "Open Thread" Watch Party! Each Tuesday here at we'll be hosting an exclusive party beginning at 6:30 PM ET and ending at 11:30 PM ET.

During this time period, there will be an "open thread" where you can discuss the show, WWE, TNA or just wrestling in general. Whether you are watching with your computer, smart phone or tablet, both Facebook and Disqus comments will be open.

The contents above the comments will include our exclusive live play-by-play spoiler coverage you are used to reading each week. It's recommended you have your favorite beverage and a snack nearby!

This is perfect for those looking to discuss the show but can't on social media because you don't want to *spoil* your friends. We have coverage of WWE Main Event & Saturday Morning Slam on separate pages. Feel free to use the comment sections to discuss what's going on in the wrestling world!

WWE taped this week’s WWE Smackdown Tuesday night from the GIANT Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy):

* The Rock opens the show with a promo about his match with John Cena at WrestleMania 29. He is interrupted by John Laurinaitis. The Rock asks who he is and why he's here, and Laurinaitis informs The Rock that Teddy Long gave him permission. Laurinaitis explains that he has a problem with John Cena, since he was the reason for his firing, and offers to be in The Rock's corner at WrestleMania. He extends his hand out for a handshake but gets a spinebuster and People's Elbow from The Rock.

* Chris Jericho b. Wade Barrett in a non-title match. The Miz was on commentary for the match. After the match, Jericho gets a mic and says that he would love to face Barrett for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania, but he's fine with facing Fandango. Fandango then comes out with his usual elaborate entrance to a chorus of "You can't wrestle!" chants. Then, without saying a word, he goes back to the locker room.

* Backstage, Paul Heyman is interviewed about Brock Lesnar's match at WrestleMania.

* Ryback & Mark Henry come out for a Weight Lifting Competition, hosted by Booker T. Both competitors get equal scores in the first round. Booker T reminds both men that they are not allowed to have any physical contact tonight. As Ryback begins his next lift, Henry drops a bar onto Ryback's neck, choking him.

* Daniel Bryan & Kaitlyn w/ Kane b. Dolph Ziggler & AJ Lee w/ Big E Langston. Kaitlyn pinned AJ to get the win for her team.

* The Shield appeared on the TitanTron to cut a promo.

* Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs. The Great Khali w/ Natalya & Hornswoggle ended in a double count-out when Swagger applied the Patriot Lock to Khali outside the ring. After the match, Ricardo Rodriguez came out, which distracted Swagger and allowed Alberto Del Rio to sneak attack him. Del Rio and Rodriguez clear Swagger and Colter from ringside.

* Backstage, Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show are interviewed about their upcoming match.

* Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show b. Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Rhodes to get the win for his team. After the match, The Shield's music hit, and they began descending the stairs. However, Orton, Sheamus and Big Show hopped the barricade and met them in the crowd, brawling to end the show.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Hello everyone, welcome to the Smackdown Spoilers Watch Party! The taping is happening in Hershey, Pennsylvania, so the show starts at around 7:00 PM ET.

    That being said, what’s on everyone’s minds after last night’s Raw? I’m very impressed with the work of Fandango so far, and think his match with Chris Jericho has the potential to be a show-stealer. With an Intercontinental Title Match just added to the card, what do you think the match of the night will be?

    • Fandango is going to surprise some people. It was fun to tease about the gimmick being horrible but I think the potential is there. Curtis couldn’t be in a better situation with the chance to work with Chris Jericho

      • I agree! I was very impressed with how Fandango fought yesterday. I know a couple of spots isn’t the same as an actual match, but I have a feeling about him. No one liked Fandango when I went to the Raw tapings. I actually think he’s growing on me!

        • BrooksOglesby

          It’s fascinating how he’s already getting so over. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “You can’t wrestle!” chants for a character as opposed to a performer. It’s old school, it works, and I love it.

  • This week’s Smackdown is an important show and WWE realizes that. The Rock will appear live and is expected to pop viewership heading into Wrestlemania. Speaking of which, the WM29 lineup now has 9 matches official.

  • I think people are gonna be suprised at how good WM29 will be despite the weak build-up

    • BrooksOglesby

      Good point. I’m going in with the lowest expectations in the last few years, but I think that will help my enjoyment of the show. I was expecting a great match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for the last 2 WrestleManias, and we know how that went.

      • Expectations are low… especially with 2-out-3 of the main events being stuff we’ve seen in the last year. Let’s also not forget Punk and Undertaker are big question marks health-wise.

    • I use to be quite excited for Wrestlemania by now, but this year I am not, sadly. I want to be, but I feel like the builds are terrible. Like Richard said, we seen this matches before which makes it less exciting. I know the matches will be good, as they always are at Wrestlemania, but the stories are bad and the predictability is high!

  • Does anyone think Fandango should have a match before Wrestlemania on either Smackdown or Raw? I know this was talked about during Raw last night, but that was before his attack on Jericho. I think he should get some time before the biggest show of the year, but at the same time, I would love to wait and see what he can do at Mania. Could he steal the show?

    • They’ve given him work at live events with the gimmick so at this point maybe Wrestlemania 29 as his “official debut” gives him more luster than a match on TV.

  • The mystique of not having a match before Wrestlemania helps the character of Fandango

    • I actually think having Jericho work him legitimizes it as well. Not to mention Jericho’s in-ring is the best it’s ever been

      • I completely agree with you.

      • michael

        Thanks to DDP

  • Evening everybody. With Miz vs Wade Barrett being made official today, do you think Cesaro can still make the Mania card or will he be relegated to the pre show?

    • The US title is a joke anymore not even a great character like Cesaro can save the title

  • Is 9 matches the most at WM in a while? I believe the last 2 have had 7 or 8 but I could be wrong

    • BrooksOglesby

      WrestleMania XXVII had 8 on the actual show, with the US Title/Battle Royal matches happening before the show. WrestleMania XXVIII had 8 as well, with a tag team battle royal pre-show match. WrestleMania XXVI actually had 10 matches. Wouldn’t be surprised if a match got bumped to the pre-show this year.

  • The one match I’m excited for at WM is Punk vs Taker because the build-up has been the strongest of the 3 main events and there hasn’t been a true heel vs face match for the streak in a while

    • The last true heel to face Taker at WM was Mark Henry if I’m not mistaken WM 22

      • BrooksOglesby

        If I remember correctly, Edge was a major heel at WrestleMania XXIV, with La Familia and Hawkins & Ryder as his cronies.

        • Ah I forgot about that one and I just watched the Taker 20-0 Bluray silly me

  • BrooksOglesby

    Just got word that Ted DiBiase beat Bray Wyatt in a dark match. Anybody see big things in Wyatt’s future, or is he doomed to “Husky Harris” chants?

  • I’ve watched NXT the past two episodes and idk if it’s just me but the Bray Wyatt character is failing to connect

  • I think Wyatt is different enough, and Harris wasn’t around long enough, so I don’t think he’s doomed. i’m very impressed with Wyatt and I can’t wait to see him on TV.

  • But I haven’t watched NXT on a regular basis since season 1

    • I have not been watching NXT, but it’s about time I step up and watch because it’s obvious that I’ve been missing a lot.

      • I actually subscribed to Hulu Plus to watch NXT and keep up with it

        • I am thinking about doing the same, for that reason.

  • Do you guys think it’s absolutely necessary to have The Shield go over at WM29 or will they lose the match?

    • Jimmy

      Personally i think they will lose, only because they have one every other match and this is possibly the end to the shield vs 3 faces feud.

  • I’m waiting for Paige to be called up from NXT and hopefully paired up against AJ or Kaitlyn

    • She won’t save the Divas division , but she is different enough to potentially make it worth watching if only for a few weeks

  • jeff

    I have 2 ques. What is Xpac heat? and what is billy gunning something?

    • BrooksOglesby

      I’m not sure about “Billy Gunning,” but X-Pac Heat or “Go Away Heat” is when a performer is booed not because they are a compelling heel, but because the fans simply do not want to see them perform. It’s debatable whether this is any different from “real” heat. Some might argue that X-Pac heat is actually better for a heel, as it gets smarks booing and makes the character more universally hated. But in most cases, it’s used negatively. A lot of people that hated The Miz during his heel run said they weren’t booing because he was good at being a bad guy, but just because he was terrible at everything.

    • As far as I can tell, after only a quick look, Billy Gunning something is a failed title reign, or a big win without a push. Billy Gunn won King of The Ring, but didn’t get any push from it.

  • Who do you guys think will make it to the main roster first from NXT Leo Kruger or Kassius Ohno. I am a huge fan of both. I enjoyed Kassius’ promo with William Regal on last week’s NXT and can’t wait to see the match between both of them in 2 weeks. I love Kruger’s gimmick but I think he needs to be booked a bit more dominantly

    • Ohno for sure

    • Jimmy

      I think both should come up, along with Adrian Neville, Paige and Summer Rae

  • Which Wrestlemania 29 match are you looking forward to the least? My pick is Ryback vs Henry. I am not a Ryback fan, and I am not too thrilled with the possibility of Henry putting him over at Mania.

    • I have to agree with you here. I see it as a who breaks who match. I seriously expect an injury in this match, and I don’t watch wrestling for the reasons I watch hockey, so I don’t care to see blood and broken bones on the mat.

    • jeff

      Swagger vs. Del rio… They are advertising del rio vs. the big show for smackdown after mania…

  • Other than Ryback getting momentum over Henry are you guys expecting anything worthwhile to come out of the weight lifting segment set for the two of them tonight?

    • @funkatastic

      It’s just to build more hype for the match, it’s their second Upper Mid-Card match

      • I realised that. But with it being 98 percent obvious that Ryback is gonna go over at Wrestlemania I am not too thrilled about that match tbh

  • If Orton and Cena turn heel at Wrestlemania , who will be the one number good guy?

    • By my estimation Sheamus or Ryback

      • I was thinking Sheamus. I don’t see Ryback staying face for too very long either.

        • I don’t know Sheamus is just as lame & i don’t think he can get over as a Top Babyface. I do think it will be Ryback as he has Mainevent expirience now & over Christmas became very talked about. Dispite how they booked him to lose, but he never lost clean & they did that the old school way.
          I was watching a Memphis Wrestling & alot of what they did with Ryback was common to build the Babyface.

    • Jimmy

      If both turn heel then there will be too many top heels. Cena, Orton, Punk, Ziggler; Sandow/Rhodes/Barrett/Cesaro are all set for push soon.

    • Chris

      If both turn heel, the earth will likely implode.

      • -|AZ|-

        Only Chuck Norris can make Cena turn heel 😛

  • Anyone else hoping Cesaro loses the US title soon and doesn’t get pushed to the main event scene?

    • I, for one, am waiting for a big Cesaro push. Sadly the main event scene is kinda bogged down for Wrestlemania. Hopefully after though. I see him going after the World Title rather than the WWE title though.

      • He is not as good as everyone said before he came to wwe. There are others who are better and deserve it more before he even comes close to that title.

        • Who do you see more deserving of a push Matt?

          • Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Zack Ryder, Kofi, Ezekiel Jackson and when he gets back after mania Christian.

          • Jimmy

            Tell me you didn’t just say the names; Zach Ryder and Ezekiel Jackson? Barrett and Sandow are already set for pushes and in my opinion Christian should be a solidified main eventer by now.

          • Barrett has been losing a lot and sandow is barely on tv how has he been pushed?

          • Jimmy

            If you read other articles on WNW you would know that Sandow is set for a push after Wrestlemania, a lot of the young guys should be getting pushed after Mania once the part timers are gone.

      • He is my pick for one of the MITB Briefcases this year

        • Jimmy

          Cesaro and hopefully Christian is back to pick up the other briefcase.

  • The Ignored Monster

    Wwe is riding on the hope that this years Wrestlemania will be the most bought of all time, because they raised the price by $10. The price was already enormous at $50 but $60?

    • The Ignored Monster

      And that’s the SD version, the HD version is $70.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Thanks for your patience, everyone. Good news: The Smackdown taping is underway, and it already looks like a noteworthy show! Keep refreshing the page, as I’ll be providing updates as frequently as I can.

    • Yay Brooks!

    • The Ignored Monster

      John Laurinaitis? Really?

  • Jimmy

    Would you guys prefer a Cena heel turn or Orton heel turn?

  • People power is back!!!

  • John Laurinaitis returns?!… and interrupts The Rock?! That should be interesting and fun at the same time!

    • Jimmy

      Whats the possibility of a team Brickie or team Johney vs team Booker like last year? Something to get the other talent some Wrestlemania air time?

    • Please tell me you’re playing a nasty, nasty joke!

  • R.I.P.unk

    I seeHeyman turning on Punk at WM and the streak / career ends at 21 – 0! No one deserves to beat the deadman at WM! Not even Punk!

    • Jimmy

      I dont think heyman will even be with Punk at Mania. Most likely be with Lesnar for his match.

  • I think Miz is going to beat Barrett at Wrestlemania. He needs a major win to try to solidify and legitimize his face turn

  • Vinny

    I love it how it’s ok for Miz to beat Barrett in a non-title match and receive an IC title match at Mania, but Jericho beats Barrett and he’s stuck in a match against Fandango; why not have Jericho-Miz-Barrett again at Mania for the IC title and drop Fandango from the line-up?

  • Jimmy

    So weightlifting comp went as expected lol

  • BrooksOglesby

    Strange how they decided to put Big E in a match before WrestleMania. I’d be disappointed if I thought I was making my in-ring debut at Mania only to do so in a throwaway tag match on Smackdown.

    • I agree! I was really hoping we’d see two new guys debuting at Mania, but they killed that in this one little match.

    • Tim

      Kane and Big E were not a part of the match. They were just at ringside.


  • Moe

    “As Ryback begins his next life, Henry drops a bar onto Ryback’s neck, choking him.”

    This cracked me up lol.

  • amer

    nice win by team hell no&kaitylin.

  • Jon

    Looks like kaitlyn will be in Team Hell No’s corner at WM? Or will she face AJ for the Diva’s championship?

  • Cesaro may not even get on the Mania card plus you have him and the Rhodes Scholars jobbing to Sheamus Orton and Show like this. Smart Move Creative

  • You know i could see both Cena & Orton turning heel at the same time. Have Cena screw over The Rock. Steve Austin & Hulk Hogan like turns in one.

    • Tal Gribb

      No thanks. I don’t want to see Cena as heel or face. I want to see him gone from WWE. I would honestly appreciate that.

  • Jimmy

    Am I the only one that thinks Titus O’neil is going to be a major talent in the future? He has the Charisma, the Look, the “IT” factor and now that his in ring work is drastically improving there should be no doubt.