*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Atlanta, Georgia

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WWE taped material for this week's Smackdown tonight from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Look for the company to include live shots from Wrestlemania XXVIII Fan Axxess. Below are full results:

Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy):

* Chris Jericho b. Kofi Kingston

* Zack Ryder b. Drew McIntyre

* Big Show came out and said he would his Wrestlemania moment on Sunday.

* Jinder Mahal came out for a promo but was cut off by Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Mahal ate the Pedigree and Sweet Chin Music. Shawn said no matter what happens, he's still better than him. Triple H chased him up the ramp to end the taping.

  • aly

    Why are they taping Smackdown tonight? Doesn’t look to be a good show…

    • Joe O.

      I was at last year’s final Raw before Wrestlemania and they did the same thing taping all the shows in one night. The reason is because there is so much going on over the week that they need all the talents to be in Miami starting Wednesday for media days and what not.

    • eurosario

      They did this last year as well.

    • Logan_Walker

      Well they were focusing on RAW ( Last Show Of the Week ) everyone will be in Miami for fan access so the samckdown ratings would be lower than usaly thats what i think any way

  • Andrew

    Ahh so that’s why there was no appearance from shawn and HHH on raw

    • Joe O.

      Honestly, this probably won’t air on Smackdown! And will probably just have been for the live audience.

  • Jay

    Is that it?? 2 matches and 2 promos??

    Build up has really DRAGGED. What happened to a good old brawl?? I was hoping to at least see that for Bryan/Sheamus

  • Matt Scott

    Is this real?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I was suprised they taped Smackdown before or after Raw last night instead of tonight as they normally do.

  • fletch

    This does not seem like a 2hr showw. I reckon the show will b promo videos. Great way to sell a ppv. For those on the fence.

    I expect last show 2b the best atleast have a brawl.

  • sami

    :-/ …. ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO? … surely the WWE will do some extra tappings on another day? this is one of the worst shows of Smackdown I have seen lined up… ESPECIALLY when its the final show before the biggest event of the year!

    I know I may sound like a Whinner or moaner… but seriously! Why is there no Taker… HHH interaction? I would have thought they didnt show it on RAW because they wanted to save something for Smackdown? instead they pitch and segment with Jinder Mahal?! again… "are you serious?" lol … Lets hope WM is off the charts!

  • Doobdoob

    I can’t believe they did that. This is the last show before wrestle mania. WRESTLEMANIA. The grandest stage of all. They are suppose to make the last raw and smack down AMAZING. They did not make it amazing. They should rather not air it in tv and not get humiliated. This show is a disgrace.