Smackdown To Three Hours?, Linda McMahon & WWE PG, NXT In The US, Voodoo Kin Mafia & The New Age Outlaws Getting Sober

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With Raw moving to three hours do you see Smackdown doing the same?

I posted this question for any WWE writer or producer that may be reading just so they could have the assurance that things could be worse. I don't see Smackdown expanding and I have my doubts about how long Raw's expansion to three hours will last. Monday's are already extremely chaotic and adding an extra hour of live TV doesn't have anyone excited (not even the majority of fans that read this website). Think about it for a second. The WWE writers and producers have to hammer out a three-hour live show with very limited preparation time. Two hours were stretching things thin and the extra hour has hurt morale and I'm told many are going to try and "gut it out" but could quit due to the added pressure. The ultimate factor will be how the first hour does in the ratings and that will be an uphill climb this fall with the return of Monday Night Football.

If Linda McMahon loses her election is there a chance that WWE programming can turn to more of an Attitude Era product? I feel that by keeping a PG product they are trying to make her look good while she would be destroyed politically if it is more violent.

I cannot tell you how many times this question has came up over the years. Vince McMahon is committed to producing family-friendly PG programming for a myriad of reasons. Sure Linda McMahon's aspiring political career plays a factor but it isn't the only reason and things aren't going to change anytime soon. Any time Vince McMahon is asked about PG he boldly reiterates his commitment to it.

Why has WWE dropped all mentions of NXT?

WWE NXT currently does not air domestically but is available in international markets. I've heard the company is working on clearances in the United States and the wait will be worth it. We post full taping results after every taping as you can check them out in our WWE Spoilers section.

I was re-watching some old TNA stuff and came across the Voodoo Kin Mafia or VKM. As you know they are the New Age Outlaws. Some of the things they did and said were pretty bad and I would assume made Vince McMahon kind of upset. What did the New Age Outlaws need to do to make up for all that? Not only to Vince, but to Hunter and Shawn as well.

At the time Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were still partying a lot and went through with a gimmick that was very hard on Vince McMahon, Triple H and Shawn Michaeals. Road Dogg is on record as to saying he feels they went too far on some of the things they said. Since then, both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn have gotten clean and mended fences with not only Vince, Hunter and Shawn but with others in WWE as well. Check out this shoot interview that Road Dogg and Billy Gunn did with RF Video as they address these issues for themselves. Road Dogg is once again climbing the ladder in WWE as a producer. We hear so many bad stories in this business the success of The New Age Outlaws is a good one and very inspirational.

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  • spike westphal

    i have to agree with richard raw goeing 3 hours on a perminent basis is a bad idea i been a wrestling fan for over 20 years and i not missed a raw since 2009,

    also sometimes i struggled to watch all three hours on monday and i think they only should do a three hour raw for specail events

  • Alex P

    Honestly, I don't mind the third hour of wrestling but I always forget that it starts at 8 when they have these 3 hour RAWs (only one I remembered was RAW 1000).

  • AceV

    I believe the wwe could really use the extra hour. Like most people say, just use the extra hour for slightly longer matches, build up mid/low-card wrestlers, and improve the tag team division. A lot of people look at it as an extra-workload, but I look at it as a huge opportunity. The details in storylines could be fleshed out way more and it just presents a huge opportunity for more diverse programming. The writers shouldn’t look at this claustrophobically but more as extra breathing room in my opinion…

    • Matt

      Exactly what I thought. Well said

  • Lenny

    Hey, if Nitro was able to do a three hour show each week, then Raw will have no problem with it neither. The Way I see it is this, if the people cant handle it, get the F out and bring in people that can! I for one would love a job with the WWE as a writer. I know, I know its not as easy we may think but come on! Hornswoggle as the anonymous RAW GM? Gimme a freakin break! I will suggest the following to them. a group of writers for each our! A three men group! The second hour needs to have the guys who usually dont get a spot on the show like Riley and Yoshi. Hell bring in some NXT guys too! Come on WWE is full of wrestlers they can create a three hour show easily, it would be the perfect time to bring in Stables. Who could ever forget when at one time there were like 4 stables going at it…The Nation, The Hart Foundation, and DX. Gang war that was the shit! I remember the feoud between Los Boricuas and the D.O.A man those were the days!

    • ZackPack

      How is Nitro doing these days?


        LOL! +1

      • Kevin

        Good one dude.

      • Jeff

        how is WWE doing these days??? doing well enough to not be around for another 1000 episodes, tna will do to wwe what wwe did to wcw and then some

  • Dave

    Going to three hours would be fine if they used it correctly. But this is WWE.

    The extra hour will be used for pointless reminder videos of the past week and more commercials.

  • A2H

    Did everyone forget about the touts? Its just started and is already on my nerve

  • Richard

    I don’t see a reason to complain about Raw going to three hours. If it fails. It doesn’t affect us at all or cost us a dime.Its WWE who will be at fault at the end

  • David

    I doubt VInce watches TNA, so he probably didn't know they said what they said.

    • Kevin

      Vince probably doesn't waste his time watching TNA, I'll grant you that. But I'll bet he has people who do just to keep an eye on the competition (and former employees), so I'm betting he DID know what the Voodoo Kin Mafia (a play on Vince's initials, VKM) were saying about him and the WWE. And Vince is a business man first and foremost; even if fences weren't mended, if Vince was convinced that having the entire DX crew reunited was going to bring up the ratings on the 1000th episode of Raw, he would have put personal feelings aside and done it anyway. The only reason Orton wasn't on that Raw is that he was still suspended, and having him on that particular Raw would have undermined Vince's Wellness policy, and probably wouldn't have set well with the fans. Business first.

  • saif ashraf

    Raw will now show zack royder in the main event

  • saif ashraf

    sorry meant to say ryder

    • Miles

      Don’t be sorry, that was funny

      • The M

        He sounde like sheamus, didn't he?

  • scott seefong

    i can barely handle a 3 hour wwe ppv, let alone a normally scheduled show. even the 3 hour ppv is full of filler, commercials,matches that are pieced together. leave everything at 2 hours.

  • George Takei

    There is going to be at least 40 minutes of tout, twitter, youtube and shazam adverts now. That will take care of most of the extra hour.

    • Brandon

      I was hoping for longer matches, but sadly I think you're right.

  • _JIM_

    Yeah WCW did a 3-hour show, but that was also the beginning of the end for that company. Once they went to 3 hours and had Thunder on Thursday’s it was too much and the product suffered. At some point Vince needs to pay attention to the mistakes WCW made and learn from them. Instead of repeating them. I just hope he’s smart enough to make the switch back to a 2 hour broadcast if things don’t go well, and not stick with it just because he doesn’t want to fail.

  • SRP

    I guess some people don’t know or remember that Raw had gone to 3 hours on a regular basis back in the 90s.

    • Austin


    • BigMike

      I Know WCW Nitro did. WCW started 9-11 then went to 8-11 and they were winning the Ratings war until Russo screwed it all up I knew Raw only did on occassion like Draft night and stuff

    • Jeff

      sure do remember that, the difference is…the audience, the talent, the entertainment…the attitude era was in the 90's not the fucking pg haha ironic

  • BigMike

    Like it or not The PG era will keep on keeping on he constantly gets new sponsors due to the PG programming and they are making Money and as long as they are making money in the departments, NOTHING will change, Soon as Merchandise falls off Turn Cena heel or something; If ratings dip they go back to 2 Hour raw whatever the case MONEY is Vinnie Mac's main reason…… SOon as WWE loses Money BIG CHange will happen

  • Jaryd

    I don't see why people are still on about the PG stuff. They have edged it up somewhat and it's fine from what I can see. It did get to a point a couple of years ago where it was too cartoonish but I find it to be a happy medium. The only thing I've noticed in ages that slightly nerfed me was during the DX reunion on Monday where Road Dogg called Billy Gunn "The bad man" instead of bad ass.

    • Im pretty sure Road Dog said “the bad beep! Billy Gunn.”

      • Kevin

        You're right. Road Dogg said, "The bad beeeep Billy Gunn." I was surprised when HHH and then Billy Gunn actually said, "Suck It!!!!!" I was sure that wouldn't be allowed.

  • Kevin

    I believe the WWE is setting itself up for failure with the new 3 hour Raw format. In order for that to work, they're going to have to go to almost PPV quality programming, for free. Which means the PPV's now have to be amped up so they exceed the free programming. I don't think it will take long for the writers and producers to begin to feel the heat, and start dropping like flies.