Smackdown Workers Paid More Than Raw Workers?, FCW On WWE Network, WWE NXT's Future, CM Punk Limited?

Do Smackdown superstars get more money than Raw superstars when they appear on both shows?

Every time a WWE superstar works a show they are paid a show bonus of $500 that is added to their pay. The more shows someone works, the more money they make.

Am I the only one that thinks it would be a great idea for WWE to air Florida Championship Wrestling television on the WWE Network so fans can evaluate up and coming talent?

WWE shot a pilot earlier this month for a prospective WWE Network show that was based around Florida Championship Wrestling talent so it certainly appears they plan on highlighting their developmental system on the network. While there are a lot of unanswered questions and concerns about the WWE Network, content is not one of them. WWE has tens of thousands of hours of digitized vintage footage from their tape library and the capability to produce cost-effective new original programming.

When will the latest season of WWE NXT conclude?

Vince McMahon has said the company is sitting on WWE NXT. In other words, they are still taping new material to fulfill international television commitments but are not doing much with the property until a new TV clearance is available in the United States. McMahon insinuated in August they had new television homes for WWE NXT and WWE Superstars, however, I don't know if he was talking about the WWE Network or a third party network.

This summer CM Punk was given more freedom than any in WWE. Now it appears he's being held back. What are your thoughts?

All limitations were taken off CM Punk this summer and what we saw was a character that flourished and was quickly established as one of the most over characters in WWE history. Since then, things have died down but not without Punk being established as a top guy in WWE (in my opinion, he's number three behind John Cena and Randy Orton). I don't feel he's being limited as he still gets away with more than anyone else and has very entertaining segments. He might not be as hot as he was in July; however, he's still riding high as a main event talent and the current WWE Champion.

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  • John Brindle

    So it’s not just me that thinks this season has dragged on far to long and needs to end soon

    • Ricky

      Reading this I now understand why the show has dragged on forever and won't end. I see it from WWE's end that it needs to meet the international commitment. I also see it from the fans end, that NXT Redemption has dragged on far too long and has turned into a Superstars with NXT "Rookies" on it.

  • @RatedMKD

    As much as I'd to see some of the developmental talent get more TV time somehow, being broadcast on a large scale is the last thing that FCW needs. It's the developmental system for a reason – at least some of the guys there aren't ready for a mass TV audience. Some guys obviously get called up too soon while others are ready long before they hit one of the main brands – if they ever do. It's not a perfect system. But it's better than exposing workers to a large audience before they're seasoned enough to impress.

    • EvilKevyn

      I agree. If shows like ECW, Superstars etc. can't make it because of younger, unknown talents it would probably be the same for FCW. The proof is there as well, not many watch NXT either.

  • ease9310

    I can't beleive SmackDown and Raw superstars and divas are getting paid the same amount for each brand.Raw should get more money then SmackDown,because Raw's superstars and divas are more talented,and have more clearer storylines,while SmackDown doesn't have a lot of the WWE Universe watching their show,but WWE Universe almost watches EVERY single episode of Monday Night Raw!

    • Clearer storylines means nothing since it would be unfair to punish a worker for a writers incompetance, and being paid an equal flat rate bonus is entirely fair. Remember that different wrestlers all earn different down side guarantees and also make bonuses of merchandise, appearances etc…. Saying that smackdown guys are less talented than raw pretty much implies that people like say Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Christian, Cody Rhodes are less talented than someone like Alberto Del Rio, or Jack Swagger who are on RAW right?

    • Alex

      Are we watching the same shows? the smackdown wrestlers are clearly more talented than the Raw wrestlers. The only real talented ones on Raw are Punk & Ziggler. You clearly sipping Vince's kool-aid by the fact that you called them superstar as oppose to wrestler (which is what all fans call them).

  • Ricardo

    Good point 'ease9310' but the fact is that smackdown is taped or should i say pre recorded, they do 2 taped shows per week; in the other hand raw has less experienced entertainers; hmm thats why they integrated the shows?

  • Alex

    The smackdown wrestlers should be paid more. They are more talented than the Raw wrestlers, minus Punk & Ziggler.

  • Joe Nasser

    When you say they get paid $500 for each show, does that include NXT, Superstars etc.? Does appearing on RAW/Smackdown! equal the same amount as NXT/Superstars??!

    • wnwdotcom2

      Yes, house shows and pay-per-views as well (although PPV's generate additional bonuses based on buyrate). The amount used to be $1000 until a couple years ago when the economy caused WWE to cut it 50%.