Snooki Declines Invitation To Kurt Angle's Wedding; Chavo Guerrero Speaks Out On Joining TNA

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- TMZ is reporting that Snooki of Jersey Shore fame received an invitation to Kurt Angle's wedding this weekend. The two know each other through Snooki's boyfriend, who recently wanted to train with Angle. Snooki reportedly declined the invitation due to "prior obligations," but sent a coffee pot as a gift. Click here to read the full article. (Thanks to WNW reader Logan Walker for sending this in.)

- Following the announcement that he has been signed by TNA Wrestling, Chavo Guerrero took to Twitter to make his first public statements:

  • Ken

    Snooki or a coffee pot? Snooki… coffee pot… snookie… coffee pot… thinking… thinking… I'll take the coffee pot.

    • Ace

      Same here even because both are probably the same size. Although, the coffee won't hump (or "smush") everyone at the wedding.

    • seakc87

      It sort of scares me that it took you that long to think about it.

      • Ken

        I felt it fair to give the matter a proper, rational assessment rather than make a knee-jerk reaction. Snooki has a certain bizarre, off-the-wall novelty factor, but overall I felt the coffee pot would be more useful.

        I can't stand coffee.

        • George

          Nothing is more amusing than the name of person who couldn’t make up his mind. “Ken” just a three letter name. Very funny.

          • Kendall

            It's short for Kendall. It's about as imaginative as George. Was there a point there somewhere?

          • Richard

            You mad bro?