Solving WWE's PPV Buyrate Problem, CM Punk's Freedom, Outcome Of John Cena vs. The Rock, My Wrestlemania 28 Expectations

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Has WWE considered lowering the prices of their B-level pay-per-views. By giving up some money they could in turn boost a show's butyrate?

I agree the price of WWE pay-per-views is too high, especially paying more for High Definition (which should have never been the case). The pay-per-view business is not what it once was and I've gone as far as saying it's an outdated model with the multitude of ways people are now viewing content. There has been a lot of talk about WWE's pay-per-view business taking a dramatic shift with the launch of the WWE Network but it has been delayed with the network's delay. When the network finally premieres, I expect a change to take place in regards to the company's pay-per-view model.

As far as I can remember, CM Punk has appeared a couple of times on both WWE TV and YouTube lately sporting Colt Cabana-themed t-shirts. Do you know if the company has any beef on that matter, or do they just let Punk do whatever he wants?

I haven't heard specifically what WWE officials think of CM Punk sporting Colt Cabana merchandise but it's a secret to no one that Punk has a lot of leeway in terms of gimmick freedom. Punk planned on leaving WWE last year but was talked into staying after the "leaving" storyline got over in a big way, clearly establishing him as a main event talent. Kevin Nash recently alluded to Punk's creative freedom which you can read about at this link.

What do you think of John Cena losing to The Rock at Wrestlemania and then turning on the fans because they didn't give him support and he has never left the business?

It would be very difficult to book The Rock over John Cena clean without Rock returning full-time. Regardless of any type of gimmick change or transition, I just don't see how WWE could put Rock (a clear part timer) over Cena (the face of the company) and have it help business going forward. I do not envy Vince McMahon's position as it's certainly a complicated match to book and however the match finishes, it has to help the business after Wrestlemania. We'll finally get the answer to all these questions on Sunday and I'll be watching as closely as anyone else. Look for my Richard Reacts blog following the show on Sunday where I will break down the match (and its outcome) as detailed as possible.

What are your expectations for Wrestlemania XXVIII on Sunday?

This is the perfect question to wrap up Ask WNW going into one of the most high-anticipated WWE pay-per-views of all-time. I'm expecting great wrestling, storyline progression and to be entertained for four solid hours. The lineup is strong and I guarantee every worker is jacked up to perform at the absolute highest level possible. It's going to be a busy weekend here at the website but be sure and checkout our Wrestlemania 28 Live Stream subsection for full Wrestlemania coverage.

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  • Dave Barton

    While I like the proposed Cena turn (the fans didn’t support me), it couldn’t meet its full potential unless he had a strong face to go up against…like when Hogan turned & Sting took on the #1 face spot.

    However, we do have a top face who the fans have already embraced. And they “chose” him over Cena already…CM Punk.

    • The Breaker

      That scenario wouldn't line up with Cena's current motto of "rise above hate", to suddenly care about the fan reactions.

      Even though the whole angle was a dud, it would've made more sense to turn him during the Kane feud.

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    i think WWE should find someone to take up The Undertaker gimmick after this Wrestlemania. I think Drew Mcntyre can play well into the gimmick. He has the height, look, hair. Cody Rhodes can also play The Undertaker very well. The winning streak should reach 100-0.

    • Zack Ryder

      r u serious bro?

  • Michael

    Anyone remember when WWF/WWE started running B-level PPV's called In Your House? The price was $19.95 but the show was only 2 hours. Boy, how the times change.

    • Da KiDD

      Yeah….that's when I had the lil black bootleg cable box too, so I could get the ppv's free……Oh how I wish I had that box nowadays…

  • Hazmatt23

    “looking to be entertained for 4 solid hours”…
    I hope for your sake it runs over 4 hrs because the divas match and Orton/Kane will be less than entertaining barring some surprises.

  • Noel

    It wouldn't be the first time a full-time wrestler put a part-timer over. Remember Randy Orton v Hulk Hogan a few years ago?

  • sami

    Predictions for wrestlemania?

    • unknown

      randy orton wasnt the face of the company