Someone That Could End The Streak, Ziggler A Raw Snub, Appearing Outside WWE, Tour Of South Africa

With his Wrestlemania status still up in the air, we can at least get our Undertaker fix by talking about him. Given the circumstances with Brock Lesnar's new WWE contract and The Rock back again this year, is there anyone you would deem worthy of ending "the streak" at Wrestlemania?

I've always gone on record in writing that I felt Undertaker deserved the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. His career was Hall of Fame worthy before putting together four near perfect Wrestlemania matches four years straight (sorry, I strongly disagree with Bret Hart's comments). However, as is the nature of this business, things have changed. My argument has always been there isn't anyone big enough on the WWE roster worthy of such a rub. The only situation I would be in favor of ending "the streak" would be for it to propel a superstar to the next level. I now believe there is one superstar on the roster capable of ending "the streak" and reaping tremendous benefits from it. That superstar is CM Punk. The Punk haters (and there are many) are going to jump down my throat for this but Punk has already etched himself in WWE history with a 434-day WWE title reign and is primed for a massive passing of the torch. He hasn't yet reached the top (still behind John Cena in the pecking order) and this is exactly what he would need to take him to the peak of his WWE career. Whether or not it will happen is an entire different story as Undertaker working Wrestlemania this year is still up in the air, however, the chips have aligned for a very historic moment.

Is there any reason why there was no Dolph Ziggler on Raw? I realize that there's a lot of new storylines popping up but I'd choose anything involving Dolph over three separate "satellite transmission" segments with the Big Show in a hotel room.

Dolph Ziggler wasn't scripted for this week's WWE Raw and I have no clue why he wasn't. It'd be silly to say time constraints and the argument there were other segments they wanted to highlight really isn't valid either. Knowing how stressed and burned out the writers stay, maybe they forgot about him? This wouldn't be the first time something like that happened and Vince McMahon was working just days after having surgery. The Big Show segments were horrible and a complete waste of time as they all could have been wrapped into one (did we really need to see him get a plate of room service?). They did Del Rio vs. Big Show at Royal Rumble last month after Del Rio already beat Show on television so it's not like the program needed the extra build either. Sometimes things make no sense and Dolph Ziggler not being used on this week's Raw was one of them.

How much power does WWE possess exert over contracted talent when it comes to media appearances?

WWE stars have to be careful they get approval for any appearances that are not setup by the company. Failing to do so could breach their contract, resulting in termination or getting in the company doghouse. Workers under WWE performer's contracts are not permitted to just appear wherever they want without approval and most are booked through the office. Someone asked about Zack Ryder appearing on Colt Cabana's podcast and it probably doesn't hurt that Colt is best friends with CM Punk.

When is WWE coming to South Africa?

We actually reported over the weekend (with the help of WNW reader Brandon van Reenen) that WWE will run five shows in South Africa in July and August. Details will be announced soon as tickets are scheduled to go on sell on February 25, 2013.

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  • Pluto

    LOL @Richard, you are a trip man.

    • Nicki

      Richard isn’t a trip he’s a dumbass that thinks he’s smart and he needs to be bitched slapped

    • What do you mean by this?

      • Eloy

        @Richard- just wondering, could the possibility of WWE wanting to put Punk over Undertaker have a part in Takers hold out. I mean, not just $$$, but also match placement. If Punk goes over, that should be the final match- but we all know that’s reserved for Rock/Cena….

  • Pluto

    Of course you would say Punk lol.

  • It was good that Dolph wasn’t used. Especially if he is set to cash in soon. Personally I was glad I got a break from seeing AJ and Big E — they are channel changers for me and ratings report prove that.

    I liked the Show/Del Rio segments. They are adding more to their feud. I thought it was hilarious when Del Rio told on the guys on the elevator that Show had bad Mexican food.

    Punk is great but no way in hell should he be the guy to end the streak. I highly doubt Taker would even OK that. The only logical person to end the streak would be Randy Orton. I always felt the guy that should end the streak should be someone that has already come up short. I would be a monumental scene if Orton were to PUNT Taker and the streak away at WM.

    • Christopher Daniel

      Orton mark.

    • Pluto

      ADR is on fire. I went from not caring about anything ADR was doing too being a ADR mark lol

    • Pluto

      I don’t think Orton should be even considered too break the streak. Maybe back in 05, but Orton now isn’t nowhere near what he was in 05 in terms of overness & stock within the company.

    • Ou812

      Right, because the ratings report shows us whenever Justin Lal changes the channel. If Aj and Big E are such channel changers, what excuse do you have for Dolph who has more mic time between the 3 of them.

    • Chris

      Not going to happen. Why give that big accomplishment to someone who’s literally one screwup from going to a competitor?

    • Orton isn’t reliable and can’t be counted on with two (actually more) Wellness strikes

      • Razmos

        I wouldnt say Punk should end it either, if someone was to end it i would go for a newcomer, Punk has proved himself already he wont need it

      • Keep the streak in tact but a match with We’ve CENA nuff would be good at WM 30 and let him retire after that

  • Chili

    anyone else sick of zach ryder?

    • Susu

      oh shut up hoeski..

      • Chili

        His gimmick is boring and.. YOU KNOW IT!!!..

    • Winnipeg


    • I never really liked his gimmick in the first place, I gave him praise for doing his YouTube show. If they changed his gimmick I might have changed my mind, in my opinion, I don’t think his gimmick was going to get far.

      • Chili

        Agreed. Gotta give him props on how he got to wwe, but his gimmick should have stayed on youtube

    • Kenneth

      Have been for a long time. I never really liked his show either to be honest. Robbie E in TNA does the party boy douchebag gimmick a lot better by being a heel. Maybe if Zack turned heel also I might like him a bit more. As it is he adds nothing to the show but a bathroom break.

      • Chili

        If he was a heel, I think he’d blossom. Considering he does have real beef with wwe an the direction of hos character

  • chains82

    i have always thought punk would be the only one the roster who should even at least be in the conversation of breaking the streak… i think it should be him??? im still not sure….one thing is for sure if that ever becomes th lan…it should be without help from desnt have to be clean(although clean win would be the ultimate rub) like maybe a scenario where he uses a foreign object or some crazy refbump…idk…not sure if it should ever be broken butatthispoint if thats the plan cm unk is the only guy on the full time roster that should do it…..absolutely no prt timer should end the streak…

    • Pluto

      I don’t think anybody (including Punk) should break the streak

      • Gary Robert

        Then the “streak” is just a useless prop to sell PPVs and doesn’t get used for the greater picture and the future which makes it pointless overall.

        • simze

          Are you stupid

          • Gary Robert

            No. Are you? If he reties then it means nothing other than a DVD to be sold in the future. The business and the art of writing story lines is based on building off the past and into the future. Not building a story line that ends in a cliff fall into nothing.

    • Jimmy

      I just don’t see CM Punk beating Taker clean when in the 6 matches that Punk had with Cena he didn’t win clean. It would make Taker look fairly weak.

  • sexypugsynn

    Punk said a few times he going to retire sooner then later, he said he not going to be one of thus guys that wrestling into his forty. I think the quot was it will be sooner then you no he should not end it to get a huge rub just to retire shortly later.undertake as earned the right to retire undefeated at wm.just look at his career he been rob so many times it not funny.

    • Gary Robert

      They all say it when they’re young but money brings them back and a lot of people who are 30 feel 40 is old…when in fact, its just not.

  • I agree that no one is “big” enough to beat Undertaker, but if there was one person I probably would have chosen HBK.

    • Jimmy

      I agree, having Taker beat HBK and then lose to Punk wouldn’t be right.

  • Chris

    Believe it or not, I could live with Punk ending the streak. Huge fan of both, Undertaker is my all time favorite, and anyone getting a WM win over him is the biggest rub of all time.

    • Chili

      Idk. Some records are not meant to be broken. IMO this is one of them

      • Chris

        I’d prefer it stay intact as well, but if anyone DID break it I could live with Punk.

        • coolk

          Not to knock punk, but him ending the streak will be a bad idea right now because of the way wwe has him acting like a punk and running from ryback, how can someone be taken serious to end streak after that and been whining.

          • Chili

            i wouldn’t say that, his gimmick would arguably make him the greatest heel of all time goun into a feud with taker.

            Just think of the mind games he could play keep him from running. And

      • WrestlingFan4Life

        I totally agree. I don’t want to see anyone break The Nature Boy’s 16 time Champion streak, and I don’t want anyone to break The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania winning streak.

  • The whole thing with Ziggler is fine. I kind of wish they would spread stories out some with talent so it’s not carried each and every week. Some yes, but others just make it almost bi-weekly instead of every week or on both SD and Raw.

  • You can’t pass the torch of the Undertaker to Punk. They are nothing alike. Punk has stated he won’t wrestle into his 40’s so he won’t have a career like the Undertaker in length either. So that would be an awful passing.

    • Gary Robert

      Its about one generation to the next….has nothing to do with whether one would wrestle to a certain age. Its about legitimizing the top guy of the current generation. Similar to Rock going over Hogan years ago and the reason behind the re-match of Rock v.s. Cena where Rock will then lose to Cena.

  • Gary Robert

    I agree with you about C.M. Punk being the one who should end Undertaker’s streak. The one be thing I feel must be in place is Punk needing to be more of a babyface. Something this big ending would need to be cheered and a heel Punk will get a mixed reaction instead of the explosion from the fans that it should get if it ever occurred. As for The Undertaker retiring undefeated…I am strongly against it. His legacy is set in stone and the whole point now of this long undefeated streak is to allow someone else to be put over by ending it. I felt the same way about Punk’s 434 day title reign , which is why having him drop the belt to Th Rock did nothing to help the validity of that reign. A face Ziggler feuding with, and finally defeating a heel Punk, to end the streak and win the title wold have been a huge with the crowd and would have propelled Ziggler higher up, which is the point of these things.

    • the geo

      I disagree. If punk were to win he should be a full blown heel. Regardless of who were to end the streak (if it were to happen) they would be hated and the very next night on raw they would come out to a lot of heat simply bc of the following undertaker has. Punk as a heel can easily use that extra heat for a sick promo on how he proved to be the best in the world by beating the best streak in the world.

      • both good points…the question is, if Punk gets the rub as truly “best in the world,” then reasonably, what’s left for him? It reminds me of booking Ryback in his first match with Punk—what do you do in that situation? If CM Punk could beat ‘Taker to end the streak, then logically there should be no reason for him to fight anyone because he’s already beaten greatness. And if he DOES lose then it tarnishes not just his legacy but Undertaker’s as well—if someone can beat the only man to beat Taker at Mania, they’ve by proxy defeated Taker themselves.

        • Loren Goldstein

          I don’t think that someone later beating Punk would mean that they’ve defeated Taker. The fact is that Taker has lost matches before, but just not at WM. There’s a difference that needs to be taken into consideration. The fact is that at some point almost everybody holds a win over everybody else they’ve ever faced. It’s the point of it being a WM match that matters.

      • Gary Robert

        I don’t think that’s true, but its only my opinion. Had HBK won either of those matches, the place would have erupted.

  • monty

    sorry no way, HHH has said it time and time again he doesn’t want streak to end. so HHH can get through to Vince and the streak won’t end. I am sorry but Punk isn’t a big enough star yeh yeh hate me i said it. IMO its still Cena,Orton and than Punk. I don’t know what the issues are but Orton gets one of the loudest cheers so why isn’t he in the main event picture? he puts on great matches on Live shows. Punk was made into a star but orton was groomed into superstar by HHH and flair

    if anyone shoul break the streak it should be someone young like ziggler and who is locked into a long term WWEW contract. Imagine if ziggler breaks the streak only to go to new japan or TNA.

    but than again i come back to the same thing, every year people will ask and every year taker competes he will win. he more than deserve to keep the streak

    we saw hogan vs rock
    i want austin vs orton or punk
    and taker vs sting

  • Jimmy

    I just can’t see The Undertaker beating someone like Shawn Michaels and Triple H who have cemented there place as all time greats. To lose to CM Punk whose legacy is still to be determined as he still has years ahead of him.