Sonjay Dutt Injured At TNA Destination X

Sonjay Dutt dislocated his shoulder at TNA Destination during the Ultimate X Match for the TNA X-Division Championship.  Dutt briefly left the match, sought treatment, where his shoulder was put back into socket, and returned.

Samoa Joe witnessed how it went down and wrote the following on Twitter:


  • CrankyVince

    Hope they keep him, King, Rubix, and Scorpio Sky around. One of those guys should’ve won the title. Not Zema Ion, the guy sucks imo.

  • Levi Aldebol

    I've always been a fan of Sonjay Dutt, and now I have a whole new respect for him. After popping his shoulder back into its socket and going back out to wrestle, that's a guy I would want with me in a back street alley fight.