Source - TNA Not Late On Paying Talent

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There are rumors circulating the Internet that TNA Wrestling is behind on paying talent. Alex Barie of was told by a source with direct knowledge of the situation that there is no truth to these rumors.

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  • Jon Harris

    i don’t know what to believe because his source could be lying to him because tna doesn;t want everyone to know the truth about them

    • TTTT

      What source? The only “high” executive is Hulk Hogan. We know what he says is B.S.

  • Not late at all or not 6 weeks late?

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Not at all Danny.

    • Nostaljack

      Interesting that you say that, Danny. Why do you so ask? Just curious…no snark intended.

  • Matt Hansen

    Sorry I believe The Wrestling Observer more then I believe alex

    • So saying you believe them more than me is saying you believe them more than since I represent this website.

      • Matt Hansen

        I guess so.

        • TTTT

          Richard is too busy trying to promote his Twitter and Facebook. This site isn’t reputable.

      • Douglas Smith

        Another Jonny!!!!!!! HA ha haaaaa

  • Nostaljack

    They just let 5 people go “for financial reasons”. Perhaps they’re trying to *avoid being in the position* of not paying talent. Either way, when you let people go for that reason, it isn’t good.

  • Robert Olley

    Rumours like this dont start fron nothing. Alexs source may well be high up in tna but if theres panic in tna about the rumours everyone will be saying its not true to save face.

    • Nostaljack

      Note that this doesn’t say “a high-ranking source”; it only says one “with knowledge of the situation”. That could be anyone who’s on the payroll who’s being paid on time. If TNA is in financial trouble (which it obviously is), why would *anyone* let that out to a volunteer writer on a wrestling website? (no offense to Alex intended – just calling it what it is).

      As for their being “no reason to lie” (as Jesse stated), I completely disagree. There couldn’t possibly be more potent reasons to lie. To tell the truth would be to inform people that TNA is insolvent – *not* a good idea. Jeff Jarrett himself has insisted that TNA operates in the black when there’s no way it can. TNA doesn’t want anyone to know of it’s financial status. They’re clearly in trouble – there can be no question of that in light of recent events – regardless of what a “source with knowledge of the situation” says or not.

      • Robert Olley

        Plus if tna really was in the black and wanted to quell any rumours it would make its financial situation public as proof

  • dunlap84

    Maybe if they didn’t pay out ( or by the looks of it now) not pay out huge contracts to non wrestlers ( Rampage, Brooke, HH) then they could afford to keep guys around and pay the guys they still have under contract. I’ve been a fan of TNA for a long time and seeing them lose any talent at all when they’re already so far behind WWE doesn’t bode well for their future.