Source - Vince McMahon Pulls The Plug On WWE Star's Push Due To Behavioral Problems Backstage

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I mentioned last Wednesday I was checking into the disappearance of Brodus Clay  and in Thursday's edition of Ask WNW I noted what I heard so far was the gimmick was shelved due to poor in-ring work. I've now heard back from my investigative source with more details on the situation.

I'm told a lot of the rumblings that Vince McMahon pulled the plug on Clay's push because of his in-ring work were based on assumptions. The feeling was because his match against Heath Slater was pulled from Smackdown, it must have been bad. My source noted Clay's push being shelved had to do with attitude, not work.

According to my source, a lot of people didn't like the way Clay was carrying himself backstage and Vince McMahon had already labeled him as "difficult." Now, had his work been stronger, it might have saved him, but Vince making the call to nix his push was primarily because people felt the push was going to his head and that he was too opinionated.  Rather than keeping his mouth shut and doing what he was told, Clay was reportedly trying to have a lot of input on the gimmick and didn't hesitate to speak up if he thought an idea was stupid or if he didn't agree with the writing team's direction.

The decision was finally made to "put him in his place" rather than put any more steam on a guy that even on his way up was already showing signs that he could become a problem down the road.

  • Adam W.

    It's a shame his ego got in the way, but I suppose it's for the best. The last thing we need is egotistical wrestlers taking away from a lot of the others in the back. Let's just hope Clay will learn from his mistake because he is very entertaining.

  • Bault16

    That’s what ya get

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Oh what a Brillant and very very Stupid move to do…Brodus.

    Rule Number one to all rookie's Keep your mouth shut even if you disagree with what they have for you.

    you guys haven't been there long enough to voice a opinion. Having a ego problem is not the best thing for you.

    learn from the Vetran's but don't think you know better then they do. it's one thing to ask a question but another if you think you know better then them.

  • Gesusoliver

    dang…someone should call his momma.

    • tyjr21

      That’s funny lol

  • havoc525

    Depending on how he acted, I don’t think taking ownership of your character is bad, but there is a point where you go too far.

  • Kerri

    I can understand Clay wanting to have SOME input on the gimmick. I mean it is totally reasonable to see that guys who have these types of gimmicks can benefit when they mix their personality with what everyone else wants, and good for Clay to care about that stuff.

    But to be that headstrong so quickly and so early on in his push and TV career (w/current gimmick) will do nothing but ruffle the feathers of the higher-ups and other workers, like Adam said, it's a shame, but maybe it's for the best right now.

    Reading this now makes me wonder something Richard….
    Back when WWE kept pushing back Clay's debut week after week after week after week. Do you think maybe Vince was delaying it then because he was starting to see the "difficult" attitude Clay had and was doing that as a way to wise Clay up then?

    • Professor Rick Craig


      He was being punished for opening his mouth on Twitter about his upcoming debut match, at the time, with John Morrison…which WWE wanted to keep a secret. We can now see how the "problem" seeds were planted and why WWE needs to "nip it in the bud" before the weed gets out of control.

      • Kerri

        I remembered this incident right after I clicked submit because that was my reasoning and basis for me asking to begin with and just forgot to add. Guess that's what happens when I try to ask wrestling questions when I've got 10 things going on at work. Appreciate you answering and adding that in Rick.

  • [email protected]

    Truly unbelievable. Does he not realize that you generally only get one chance? What is it with this ridiculous self-sabotage lately?

  • Stuzy

    such a shame i enjoyed his new gimmick too maybe he will get into vince's good graces a bit further down the road

  • Ricky

    It's not good when your get a push ended due to ego. Just ask Swagger about that.

  • raider488

    I don't know how far he took it, but I don't see why him having some input would be a bad thing. It shows he cares about his product. I could very easily see vince getting his feathers ruffled because clay disagreed with one of his ideas.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      having input , asking a question or making a suggestion is not a bad thing based on you ask it.. but if your ego is to big and you act like a jerk well that is not going to win you any favors and will be looked down on by the Vetrans and the WWE officals.

      At this point in his career he is better off keeping his mouth shut and doing what is asked of him.

      as was reported

      "he was too opinionated. Rather than keeping his mouth shut and doing what he was told, Clay was reportedly trying to have a lot of input on the gimmick and didn’t hesitate to speak up if he thought an idea was stupid or if he didn’t agree with the writing team’s direction."

      ;it seems he was over steping his bounds which at this point in his career is not a good thing.

  • Rob S.

    What was there to argue about concerning the creative direction that Brodus Clay's character was taking? He was doing the same thing every week.