For those that missed it, TMZ broke the news that Spike TV has informed TNA Impact Wrestling they will not be renewing their agreement that's due up in October. We've been following the negotiations since the onset and now have full information as to what happened.

Spike TV and TNA had been getting close to a deal early in the month and I'm told it was to the point where Spike wanted TNA back. The ratings are fairly consistent and it's cheap programming. The hold up in negotiations was TNA looking for a sizable increase in rights fees and Spike feeling like TNA had no leverage. Spike has been paying $65,000 per hour for Impact or $130,000 per week. That was just the basic rights fee for the show and Spike has pumped a lot more money in over the years chipping in significant portions towards the contracts of some of the higher priced talent (most of which have left).

TNA was looking for...

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