Spike TV In For Network Overhaul, New Name?

Big changes could be coming to Spike TV, the home of TNA Impact Wrestling, due to slipping ratings and lower advertising revenue in 2012. Broadcasting & Cable has a new article online featuring quotes from Viacom's head of ad sales, Jeff Lucas, regarding a transition of the network.

"Spike is a network that is transitioning, a majority of it, to more of a general entertainment network," he says. "This year we're announcing to the marketplace that we're developing scripted programming for Spike."

It's also possible the network could get a new name.

While Impact was not brought up in the article, it was noted that Spike will continue to focus on male-oriented programming such as Bellator MMA.

Click here for coverage by Broadcasting & Cable.

  • jdl

    Slipping ratings? TNA was the highest rated program on Spike for the majority of last year and even it barely maintained an above 1.00 rating. Spike’s ratings are sub 1.00 on a regular basis, how they’re still in business after so long I have no idea.

    • Since you have no idea, I think it’s better that you shut up.

      • jdl

        Since I have no idea about what? Spike’s regularly posted ratings that can be found rather easily? Or that I pointed out that TNA was their highest rated programming for most of the year and even it still struggled with ratings? I didn’t insult TNA, if that’s what you’re throwing your little temper tantrum about.

  • I must agree even though Spike has some good shows I think the lack of marketing and I don’t know, I should probably say popularity because its such a young network compared to the USA network or TNT that it doesn’t get the proper attention. Changing the name could be good but if that happens its gonna be the fourth time it changes its name. Lets see. It went from TNN to The New TNN to Spike TV. What’s next? Flippity Floppity Floop tv?

    • Maybe they’ll become the new Spice Channel? Or how about STV? Or, to spice things up, they might try STFU TV?